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The Traditional Beauty of a Wrist Watch Gift

watch gift

How many of us have given up on watches since the advent of smartphones (perhaps even before then). Maybe the battery died and you never got around to replacing it, or you found yourself saving your watch for special occasions and it was eventually forgotten about. Smartphones have definitely been revolutionary but there seems to a change in the air. Of course, we’re not abandoning this technology altogether, but more taking back some of freedom, or, in the case of watches our ‘time’. If you’re determined not to let your phone completely take over your life, perhaps now is the time to put that traditional watch back where it belongs – on your wrist.

Of course, a humble wrist watch cannot organise your emails, update your social network statuses or tell you the latest news. But would you really want it to? If you’re thinking about getting one of the brand new smart watches, maybe it’s time to take a moment and think it through. A good wrist watch is about quality and beauty – it is something to treasure, rather than something that will need up dating in 12 months’ time. Call it old fashioned, vintage or retro, but we’d choose a wrist watch over a smart watch, or any other gadget, any day of the week.

However, if you’re thinking along the lines of a gift for someone special, then give some serious thought to eschewing the latest gadgets and give them something with a bit more permanence. The watch market has moved on so much in recent years and if you look online, you’ll find many specialist watch retailers offering great prices. But if you want to go with a trusted name, a well-known department store could point you in the right direction – Debenhams have a fantastic range of beautiful wrist watches and you could get an even better price if use Debenhams voucher codes to get an online saving on that designer timepiece.

It’s strange to think that it is considered almost out of the ordinary to give a wrist watch as a gift these days, but you can make this work in your favour because gifting a wrist watch makes that present even more special. So whether you want to buy one for yourself or have an anniversary or birthday on the horizon, make sure you’re on the lookout for the latest wrist watch voucher codes to get the best possible price on your time piece.

New Space Adventures wrist: Romain Jerome Spacecraft

New Space Adventures wrist Romain Jerome Spacecraft

Directly from the current retro-futurist Haute Horlogerie now become trend is the new Romain Jerome Spacecraft. Created by the pen of the famous designer Eric Giroud, animated by mechanical unlikely Venus and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht – owner of the workshop micro engineering Agenhor under the supervision of the President RJ Romain Jerome Manuel Emch, the new and unconventional timepiece brand for years known for His inspirations steampunk highlighted by iron Titanic seems made to evoke scenes in Blade Runner – Rutger Hauer famous monologue in which he quoted the unforgettable words “… combat ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion ..”.
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Jackie Chan with Urwek UR-202 AlTiN wrist in the movie CZ12!

Jackie Chan with Urwek UR-202 AlTiN wrist in the movie CZ12

Description :

During the filming of his latest film CZ12 “Chinese Zodiac” actor Jackie Chan stunt shot the film with a wrist connected to the Urwerk UR 202 AlTiN – a special version which steel is treated with elements of aluminum, titanium and Nitrile.
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New watches Second of Happiness: Scout on the wrist

Description :

Designer Eymp Matilda (Mathilde Ampe) introduced a new concept watch Second of Happiness, or SoH, which means “second of happiness.”

New to its unusual exterior design proves once again that the watch – it’s not just a good thing, a stylish accessory, denouncing the taste and status of its owner.

New watches

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Memorigin Starlit Legend Tourbillon: the starry sky on your wrist

Memorigin Starlit Legend Tourbillon


New from the watch company Memorigin – Model Starlit Legend Tourbillon, presented in the current 2012 is a perfect combination of skeletonized design, consisting of five different layers. Rich dark shade of black pearl on the dial represents the next star in the night sky.
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