Wireless Watches

Description :

Each clock must be set in any way. Usually this is done manually by a wheel, which provides the time mechanically, or digital clock via knobs. It is easier with radio watches.

What are radio wristwatches?
Under radio watches is meant mostly quartz watches whose time is checked regularly and corrected if necessary. Radio receives the clock signal, which sends the time. This is compared with the current time of the clock and then repaired as needed. Not digital radio wristwatches have to built an engine that determines the clock faster than the actual speed, can make to the correct time. Due to advanced technology, the technical part will be very small, so there are radio watches in many colors, shapes and sizes.

History and Development
Since there is Coordinated Universal Time, in many countries there is an institution that is mandated to determine the current time. In Germany for the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig is responsible. Since 1977, the Institute shines the current time on the DCF77 on a frequency of 77.5 kHz. The time can be in the region received 2000 km around Mainflingen near Frankfurt, where the Institute. Initially, only big watches were able to receive the signal.

Wireless Watches

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