Casio GLX150X-7


Are also supported by the top surfers in the world, extreme sports line “G-LIDE (G Ride)” on G-SHOCK to, appeared with the 2012 model year collaboration street brand In4mation from Hawaii. This year’s model is based on a white suit to burn skin, the color scheme in black and red characters plate and the color is a common brand and In4mation G-SHOCK, dynamic design was made to maximize their impact. The base model is adopted as the new big case model. Necessary information in the Extreme Sports scene of violent motion can be confirmed quickly.

In the LCD screen is equipped with a tide graph display function of age required is a function of the surfer, it also has practical for use at the surf scene. Up from Surf Street, New G Ride is a special collaboration model fires a presence in the hand. Tide graph shows tidal information for any date shows the shape of the Moon data for any date and month-old, high-brightness LED light (information).

In4mation people 4 Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo, of Rhandy Tambio Street brand from Hawaii was established. Start from the surf fashion, has undergone significant growth in the industry, such as the American sport skater fashion. Rather than chase the epidemic, the unique style of Hawaii, has been expanded to produce a theme that the trend in the innovative design and concept.


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Casio GA110MH-7A


British wave of brand maharishi design has always been around camouflage, this summer, and CASIO G-SHOCK cooperation, the introduction of Joint watches models GA-110MH-1, black and white striped camouflage Bamdazzle trapped inside all the fans.

The designer is also the maharishi main reason Hardy Blechman said that the inspiration of the design of the watch is from the First World War, in order to confuse the sight of the German battleship, the invention of this stripe camouflage with psychedelic magic. GA-110MH-1 is expected this Saturday (July 14) at CASIO meter concept store of goods and friendly pop shops to limit the sale, the friends you want to start with a good ready to prepare.


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Breitling Superocean 42 White Water



Fully dressed in white, from bezel to dial to strap, with the new version of 42 again Superocean Breitling inspiration stirs the waters. Ultra tough, and waterproof up to ultrasportivo fabulous depth of 1500 m, this diver’s watch from the quenching of steel has already proved reliable sample of the wrists of those who love the thrill. In this new version of White Water Superocean 42 did not fail to seduce women who know how to combine elegance with performance, the audacity to excellence.
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