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Five Fresh Watch Brands to Consider

It sometimes feels like there’s a new mens watch brand out every week, which can make it hard to know which you should consider and which are a waste of time. Choosing between brands that have been around for centuries or weeks is really difficult. Here are five of our favourite watch brands, both old and new, that manage to stay fresh, unique and are well worth your time.
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The Traditional Beauty of a Wrist Watch Gift

watch gift

How many of us have given up on watches since the advent of smartphones (perhaps even before then). Maybe the battery died and you never got around to replacing it, or you found yourself saving your watch for special occasions and it was eventually forgotten about. Smartphones have definitely been revolutionary but there seems to a change in the air. Of course, we’re not abandoning this technology altogether, but more taking back some of freedom, or, in the case of watches our ‘time’. If you’re determined not to let your phone completely take over your life, perhaps now is the time to put that traditional watch back where it belongs – on your wrist.

Of course, a humble wrist watch cannot organise your emails, update your social network statuses or tell you the latest news. But would you really want it to? If you’re thinking about getting one of the brand new smart watches, maybe it’s time to take a moment and think it through. A good wrist watch is about quality and beauty – it is something to treasure, rather than something that will need up dating in 12 months’ time. Call it old fashioned, vintage or retro, but we’d choose a wrist watch over a smart watch, or any other gadget, any day of the week.

However, if you’re thinking along the lines of a gift for someone special, then give some serious thought to eschewing the latest gadgets and give them something with a bit more permanence. The watch market has moved on so much in recent years and if you look online, you’ll find many specialist watch retailers offering great prices. But if you want to go with a trusted name, a well-known department store could point you in the right direction – Debenhams have a fantastic range of beautiful wrist watches and you could get an even better price if use Debenhams voucher codes to get an online saving on that designer timepiece.

It’s strange to think that it is considered almost out of the ordinary to give a wrist watch as a gift these days, but you can make this work in your favour because gifting a wrist watch makes that present even more special. So whether you want to buy one for yourself or have an anniversary or birthday on the horizon, make sure you’re on the lookout for the latest wrist watch voucher codes to get the best possible price on your time piece.

An Ideal Wedding Watch

watch for wedding

Wedding remains the penultimate event in any person’s life. Regardless of one’s social background, this event needs (rather demands) everyone to be at its best. And rightly so, after all it is the pinnacle of one’s life. The happiness one feels that day is unsurmountable and is totally justified. This happiness and joy is manifested through the lavished dresses and outfits people adorn. With all the type of expensive and shiny accessories, men and women (especially the couple itself) roam around to show off their dresses and ornaments. Watches, wrist watches, have come to occupy a permanent position in men and women’s outfit. Wearing an elegant watch makes a perfect style & fashion statement on your behalf. Buying the classic and elegant watches from bdhaatwill demonstrate, how powerful a watch can be.


An Ideal Wedding Gift for the Groom

Selecting gifts for someone’s wedding could be tricky. Especially, in men’s case when there is so much little to choose from. The idea of colorful clothes and jewelry is out of the question. But seeing the popularity of watches, one can safely assume that a graceful and well-designed watch can be an ideal gift for the groom. A watch is nothing less than a person’s signature. For groom, it is imperative to have his wrist adorned with a classic and elegant timekeeping device. Longines DolceVita could be the ultimate gift for a groom.

The rectangular stainless steel chain has the capability to outshine all other watches. With a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, it lasts quite longer than other watches. It is quite convenient if you order it from Kaymu as they happen to offer a delivery option as well. But this is not it. Other major brands like Versace, Saint Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana have one of the finest watches for men in town. So, gifting this type of watch will save you from a lot of thinking hassle.

What the Bride Needs

Since the bride is already bombarded with all the jewelry, finding a watch for her is a difficult task. You need a watch that can outshine all other stones and adornments. Start with the Gucci store which has one of the rarest and best quality watches for women. A black ceramic watch, for example, from the G chrono collection could be the ideal gift for the bride. The Swiss made black ceramic with quartz movement has a silver dial in it. It is this contrast of black and silver that makes it kind of perfect for a woman’s wrist.

Buying it from marketplaces like easybazar24will cost you less in terms of logistical problems. At least, the problem is off your head now that you have decided what gift are you going to give to your friend on her wedding day.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

Quantifiers and smart watches are the gadgets of the moment, so, for a while we started to receive the result of the combination of both products. Today we present a new clock that quantifies and attending your training, called Basis Peak.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

Of care dimensions and with a monochrome touch screen which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 technology, the new watch is not only able to record daily activity but detect whether we are riding, running, swimming or sleeping due to its detection technology BodyIQ movement.

It also has meter heart rate , so it can accurately estimate the calories you burn, plus the distance traveled, the steps taken, the body temperature or the time we have in motion.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

We can dip the watch to swim with him without inconvenience and we also monitor our nightly dream because the new watch Basis Peak is able to detect the phases of sleep each night.

Also as a good assistant training, allows you to set goals for our business such as: burn more calories or improve daily running brands.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

It promises a battery life of 4 days and in the next updates we will receive notifications of incoming calls or messages from your smartphone with Android or iOS which will connect via Bluetooth 4.0.

This new watch that quantifies and attending your training and looks good enough to take us all day, will be available in the US by the end of the year to an estimated $ 200 price.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT, the smart watch top athletes

Garmin Forerunner 920XT, the smart watch top athletes 1

Garmin has presented the evolution of the 910XT, 2011, the Garmin Forerunner 920XT, a new smart clock for high-level athletes.

The new gadget from Garmin is able to measure and display color display from the steps taken and distance to calories burned, cadence or speed. Furthermore, to assess the nocturnal sleep as any other quantifier time.

But for top athletes, the Garmin Forerunner is also very interesting, such as those engaged in the duties swimming and want to count their strokes or who train running in series, because it has an alarm system of time specifically for it.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT, the smart watch top athletes

It is also capable of measuring power and heart rate when combined with external meters with ANT + technology, which the Garmin Forerunner 920XT can assess VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) for strength training, heave and time foot contact with the floor brokers.

Set daily goals to encourage each user in your training and record accurately the busiest routes or places thanks to its integrated GPS.

We may also receive the doll the notification emails, text messages or calls if we pair the device with our mobile with Android (4.3 or higher) or iOS (7.0 or later) and all data contained in this smart watch can be analyzed in community Garmin Connect.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT, the smart watch top athletes

As we can see, the Garmin Forerunner 920XT has many more features and more complete results than other quantifiers available in the market, therefore, is suitable for high-level athletes and has a price significantly higher, as it will sell for $ 450 in the United States.

For those who need a complete smart watch and attend specifically monitor a sport, this is a good alternative that is also suitable for quantifying the day.

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The Latest Trendy Style R-Watch M26 LED Bluetooth Watch


The R –Watch M26 is a fashionable Bluetooth wrist watch with dial and answer phone call options, short message reminder, anti – lost / theft, music player, pedometer and thermometer. The R – Watch is compatible with HTC, Samsung and more. The R –Watch M26 is currently retailing at $ 74.62 in most online shops. You can take advantage of a huge offer to save $ 18.30 and purchase the R – Watch M26 for $ 62.18 at here.

R – Watch M26 Features

  •     The R –Watch synchronizes contacts with your mobile phone. The watch displays the contact name list in your phone on the watch’s screen in real time up to a maximum of a thousand contact names. You can also make phone calls using the R – Watch.
  •     The R – Watch acts as a burglar alarm. In case your phone gets a distance away, the R – Watch will ring the alarm.
  •       The R – Watch synchronizes the time and date in your mobile phone. The watch displays on its screen the exact time and date as is in your mobile phone.
  •       The R – Watch features a stopwatch, alarm clock and supports ringtone customisation. When doing your usual exercises such as running, you can time yourself using the R – Watch stopwatch. The watch also allows you to set up to 5 different alarms, each with a unique alarm ringtone if you so please.
  •       You can make a phone call or answer one using the R – Watch. If a call is made to your phone, the R – Watch screen displays the caller IDincluding name and number, and you can elect to reject or answer the call using the watch.
  •       The R – Watch has both the earphone and hands – free calling modes. The hands – free mode for making and answering phone call or switching private call with hand set.
  •       The R – Watch features a superbly working power saving mode. When you switch to the power saving mode the watch reverts to minimal power consumption which translates to a longer use.

gear watch

The R – Watch is very trendy and has an attractive appearance and display. You can buy the R – Watch at who are currently offering a huge offer for the R – Watch where you can save more than $ 18. They offer free shipping and your package of one R – watch, one USB cable and a user guide ships in just three days.

X-TREM-1 Chocolat Christophe Claret


Christophe Claret has just introduced its most delightful watch, the X-TREM-1 Chocolat. Produced in red gold and titanium grade 5 treatment PDV chocolate, this piece combines the superb technical precision with elegant color model cocoa finish. The brown alligator strap finishes give character to this model first introduced in 2012.

The X-TREM-1 watch Chocolat has a floating tourbillon inclined at an angle of 30°; mounted on a main plate curvex dimensional titanium, equipped with an indication of hours and quite different from traditional minutes. Two small areas of steel hollow tubes sapphire isolated left and right of the housing, without mechanical connection moving, thanks to the magnetic fields.

The presence of these magnetic fields, traditional enemies of mechanical watchmaking, became the revolution of these watches that saved by a system composed of two small steel balls (hollowed out to make them lighter) that isolated in two tubes sapphire on the right and left of the song, move driven by the magnetic fields generated by two miniature magnets carried by cables.

This extremely flexible wire is formed by hundreds Dyneema assembled nanofiber gel of high strength polyethylene, capable of withstanding a pull of a kilo of a thickness less than one hair (4 hundredths of a millimeter in diameter).


The tourbillon of the X-TREM-1 Chocolat, which has a double ceramic ball bearing to increase resistance to shock, is inclined 30 degrees, making it visible to the user. Hand-wound, the watch is energized by two barrels. The first reserved for the tourbillon, the second to the filing of the hours and minutes. Filming presentation, meanwhile, is regulated by a special escape, seeking time information on the set of weather. Composed by releasing an anchor every 25 seconds a tooth wheel anchor of shooting presentation, it is activated by a shooting tied to bed time.

At the time of filming one reaches the end of its power reserve barrel, exhaust interrupted the progress of his neighbor. This configuration allows, from the energy point of view, the shooting of tourbillon and presentation are independent, thus avoiding disturbances, optimize reserve and confer an ideal clock accuracy.



  • Dimensions: 26.6 x 46.4 x 11.94 mm
  • Number of components: 419
  • Number of jewels: 64
  • Power reserve: Over 50 hours
  • Kegs: Two barrels: one for shooting time, another for presentation
  • Escape regulatory filing: Shootings whirlpool and separate from one another presentation from the energy point of view, which optimizes power reserve


  • Escape Swiss lever
  • Swing the wheel-Frequency. 3 Hz (21,600 vib / h)
  • Frequency of rotation of the vortex. 1 turn / minute
  • Tourbillon wheel tilted 30 °, guided by double ceramic bearing, transmission by bevel gear.


  • Introduction mysterious hours and minutes in the outer box with indicator means which moves emptied spheres 23 mm in two cylindrical tubes in sapphire magnet carriage Drag by wire.
  • Of seconds by vortex-presentation.
  • Mechanical movement with manual winding.
  • Cargo movement-Note: when motion is loaded, the spring is centered around the keg.


  • Curved with 30 ° inclined plane.
  • Bridges and sandblasted titanium-Platina.
  • Skeletonized and wheel-Ratchet Wheel.


  • Use of magnetic fields in a mechanical movement.
  • Mechanical connection between the dial and the movement-No.
  • Trimming recoil spring retrograde-presentation system.


  • Rectangular-curved profile.
  • Dimensions:. 40.80 x 56.80 x 15 mm
  • Tightness of the box: 3 ATM or 30 m.


  • Grade 5 Titanium PVD-chocolate.
  • Presentation of the hours and minutes:
  • Presentation emptied by two spheres of 4.00 mm diameter and a weight of 0,100 grams, moving against a sapphire graduated rulers, where minutes and hours are embodied by Super fine graduations -LumiNova, under the sapphire.

Button: Rapid correction of time through an integrated ridge located over the next 12 hours button.
Hoops: Rope and set the clock by rotating the “rings” in the present case.

Strap:Alligator hand stitched chocolate.

Clasp: Folding clasp in titanium fitted with gold buckle.

Exclusive from Oris


Swiss watchmaker Oris introduced the world’s first mechanical wrist watch with integrated barometric altimeter (altimeter) – Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter. New pilots addressed, climbers, researchers, word, all those whose work or hobby is connected with height.

Watch Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter presented in two versions: with markings in meters and feet markings.


Round watch case diameter of 47 mm made of steel. With a high level of resistance to water (up to 100 meters), this watch will be useful not only in height, but under water. Note that there are two winding heads: first – to “2 hours” with engraved brand name for a patented screw head control altimeter “4 hours” engraved «ALT SET».

So, how this function works. To activate the altimeter must install control head altimeter to “1” (unscrew the head until the red ring). When the crown is pulled out to position “2”, you can calibrate the altimeter. Once installed, the clock shows the current altitude using a yellow indicator, red LED will show the air pressure. On the periphery of the dial you can see the markup altitude.

This rate may be measured in the range from 0 to 15,000 feet or from 0 to 4500 m (depending on the variant model). Scale air pressure recessed between altimeter and the central part of the dial. If you measure the height of unnecessary head can be turned to position “0”.


Little about other characteristics of the model. Grooves on the bezel give the model a brutal appearance. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating protects the dial matte black with Arabic numerals, hour and minute hands coated with fluorescent compound. Inside the clock mechanism installed Swiss Oris 733 (based on the Sellita SW200) Automatic power reserve of 38 hours. Hours can be textile or leather strap, steel bracelet.

Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-2014


Nothing less than 60 years meets the brand Longines Conquest. To celebrate, the Swiss watch manufacturer has just introduced the limited collection Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-2014. Four clocks inspired the first creations of this line in boxes of steel, yellow gold or rose gold.

Following the tradition of the famous model, new versions feature a gold medallion and enamel in the bottom of the box that looks the “seal of quality gold Longines”

It was the day May 5, 1954, when registered their brand Longines “Conquest” at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property. Immediate success with the public, these early clocks quickly associated with the timing feats, such as measuring the speed record for a transatlantic crossing. To celebrate this limited edition Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-2014 presents several models in steel, yellow gold or rose gold.

The steel model with silver dial takes effect “sunbeams” First Watch 1954 Conquest. Yellow gold model wearing golden sphere and reinterprets a piece which was then presented as “the new flagship of the line Proud Conquest”.


The gold medallion and enamel in the background that distinguishes the collection with the phrase “seal of quality gold Longines” comes in two versions: the seal of the gold pieces and represents a constellation of steel parts is a fish. Conquest Heritage 1954-2014 All models are fitted with a bracelet of black alligator skin. Each model is numbered. The gold edition is limited to 60 copies and exclusive steel 600 copies.

Collection Features Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-2014

  • Calibre: Calibre Automatic mechanical movement L633 (ETA 2824/2) 11 1/2 lines, 25 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour Power reserve 38 hours
  • Case: Round, Ø 35 mm, steel, yellow gold or rose gold, Hesalite crystal, Screw-down decorated with a gold medallion and enamel
  • Water resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)
  • Dial: Silvered effect “sunbeams”, 12 applied indexes, pink or yellow with Super-Luminova® Gold 12 applied indexes and applied hour circle
  • Hands: “Dauphine” or yellow roses with Super-LumiNova® in the hours and minutes
  • Bracelet: Black alligator with buckle
  • Price: steel Model: 1.160 € Models in pink or yellow gold: € 3,710

Movado Watch is Bold Splash


Watch brand Movado watches released new Bold Splash, which are 44 mm stainless steel case with gray ion plated. Water Resistant – 100 meters.

Model released in two color versions: flange dial, hour indexes and hands are painted in orange or green. The dial is decorated with a pattern in the form of a honeycomb. Hands are coated with white luminous material, instead of the number 12 is a circular disk of gray, and at 6 o’clock – round date aperture.


Closes dial mineral glass. New Bold Splash is equipped with a quartz movement and comes on a steel bracelet with ion-plated or black silicone strap with a buckle made of steel with a gray ion plated.

Retail price Bold Splash models range from $ 695 to $ 895.