Exhibition Watches & Wonders: Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Exhibition Watches & Wonders

The exhibition Watches & Wonders, which will be held in Hong Kong, the famous watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre present a great watch Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication.

Exhibition Watches & Wonders 2

Novelty has a 46.7 mm white gold case. Bezel, side of the case and lugs are also decorated with diamonds. Just a few baguette diamonds adorn the crown. Dial made of aventurine with diamonds cut diamonds and baguette cut sapphires. Gorgeous model dial Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication equipped flying tourbillon, the carriage of which is made of titanium.

Exhibition Watches & Wonders 1

Tourbillon, moving around the perimeter of the sky in the Northern Hemisphere, is responsible for counting the astronomical time. Tourbillon with a diameter of 12.42 mm and height 3.85 mm, consisting of 73 parts. Another pointer as the Sun moves around and says zodiac signs, months and days of the week. Novelty is equipped manufactory caliber Jaeger-LeCoultre 945 of 527 items with three complex functions: minute repeater, flying tourbillon and the zodiac calendar.

The watch comes with black leather strap. Launch of the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication limited – 8 copies.

Gustafsson & Sjogren: Scandinavian tradition metallurgical 100%

Gustafsson & Sjogren

Description :

The truth is that the story of Christmas lasts too little. Bring it to life in a child is a way to try to not let it escape, but – sooner or later – when even the youngest in the family really know how things are, get the signal you need to think about how to run for cover. With the passion for watchmaking, for example, which is an infinite succession of a fairy tale after another. Today I got one to tell that seems made for this period.
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Longines and the 80 th Horse Show at Piazza di Siena: elegance, tradition and precision in Rome



The Swiss
watch brand Longines, tied to the equestrian world for the past many years, confirms Timekeeper and Official Partner of the 80th CSIO Piazza di Siena 24 to 27 May 2012. A strong passion for equestrian sports has brought Longines to fill this important role in the different circuits within the CSIO Nations Cup and the most important international events.
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Seiko Rivoli: farewell tradition

Seiko Rivoli


Women love a challenge, even the seemingly immutable concepts.

For example, the clock – it’s a classic combination of case and strap. This woman will never refuse to put on an elegant hand twisted bracelet with smoothly curved shapes, which on closer inspection turns out to be … reliable and convenient hours from the famous collection of Rivoli Seiko.

Rue de Rivoli – Paris’s famous street, the Mecca of all the fashionistas of the world. That woman has always been the true engine of progress. Corporation Seiko – recognized as a pioneer of watchmaking in the development of mechanisms and design. The concept of development Seiko was always an experiment.

Seiko Rivoli

Japanese essentially do not chase fashion and do not create things for one season. They invent new technologies and materials and create a stunningly original products – whether cars or watches. They develop their own form fashion.

Seiko Rivoli – qizaynerskaya collection that combines elegance and the latest technological advances and futuristic, avant-garde look. In the history of watchmaking, you can not find anything resembling a watch Seiko Rivoli. Dial-like petal cuts at an angle to the trunk twisted bracelet. Case and bracelet – a whole the decoration, which can take the most fantastic forms through a combination of glossy and matte coatings, gold and classic modern titanium carbide.

This watch is a modern woman who could not wear either her mother or grandmother (of technology was not even a few years ago), but surely something like this will be on hand granddaughters. Two main ideas Rivoli, releasing the line, among other ladies’ watch – bold use of new high-tech materials the original form.

In addition to traditional gilding, which can be found in almost every woman’s watch collection at Rivoli is actively used by a coating of titanium carbide, which imparts a deep shimmering black metal sheen and palladium, which has a silvery iridescent hue. Black and white metals combined with matte and polished gold elongated stress, texture and shape steel bracelet buildings.

Seiko Rivoli

Rivoli Watches resemble avant-garde jewelry, in that shiny dials the most unexpected forms (cat’s eye, fin fish, a leaf) serve as a precious stone. In any case this is not the clock in the conventional sense.

But fashion is such that any new idea, no matter how shocking and bizarre, it did not seem at first glance, is becoming a trend.

No, the radical design Rivoli did not and will not soon become a mass phenomenon: to share their technology with competitors Seiko particular desire is not on, and discover their secret to the forces is not for everyone. But the idea is to combine a miniature quartz movement with a cast steel body and asymmetric reliable, durable coating of titanium and palladium, has recently attracted more and more famous watch designers.

For example, the concept of models Rivoli SYL 733P and SYL 734P: bracelet and dial, connecting “overlap” in the form of a helix, this year already, so to speak, has developed a house Nina Ricc i. So that we can predict that the next few years Seiko Rivoli will look at the hand of its owner, not only as an elegant decoration and design idea, which goes to the very forefront of the watch fashion.

Seiko Rivoli

The most interesting thing in this watch is that, for all its exotic and visually fragile they are very reliable. As already mentioned, palladium and titanium coatings are durable and resistant to scratches. Each model is equipped with a convex safety glass, visually magnifying dial. By the way, the hour markings on the dial, although it looks quite decorative and conventional, with very clear. And to confuse, say, “polpervogo” with “half past” is impossible.

Even in the model SYL 752P with a triangular face, reminiscent of a shark plavnik. Model SYL Titanium 772R and gold-plated, whose “trick” – in the dial in the shape of the leaf, which is located at 45 ° to a bracelet last year, was named the best women’s watches, at the Moscow Watch Salon. SYL 772 at all is incredibly convenient, because the dial is situated so that allows determining the time, not turning his wrist to litsu.

Stoit noted that all the above features hours Rivoli add them another important characteristic: any of the models of the collection – the perfect gift. In any case, for those who want to impress his lady original, interesting and at the same time and useful accessory to impress her man with taste. I advise you to hurry up. While the pass for the original is cheap – $ 600. But it is no secret that this year, Seiko decided to raise the status of his best collections to luxury. Not the slightest of opinion that one of the largest corporations in the world successfully executes our plans, I have not.

In the end, I hope you remember that the Rue de Rivoli to the Place Vendome displays, where the headquarters of the boutiques and the famous group Richemont Vendome Cartier. Displays, but does not stop her.

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier


The Baume & Mercier Men’s Hampton Square Titanium Watch showcases a superior titanium design and a silver-tone subdial for precise timekeeping. Hampton is Baume & Mercier’s icon watch and refers to the Hampton’s, situated on Long Island, off New York, where the way of life exudes harmony and serenity. Halfway between tradition and modernity, its slightly curved case hugs the wrist perfectly.
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