The team wins international tournament Cartier Polo

Cartier Polo


Usually, the team just watch companies are involved in various sporting events like the polo, but not too often that means they win. Rather, just the “main part – it’s too commercial”. A team of jewelry and watch company Cartier won the first international tournament at Polo International Dubai Polo Challenge.
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Play party poker tournament in France

Poker tournaments are the ultimate kick. It does not matter whether you order a few thousand or a few million to play: One is the feeling when you manage to outsmart everyone else at the table to outwit and defeat and take home the jackpot.

France party poker offers more tournaments and bigger prize pools than any other poker site. If you have never played poker in a tournament, you will learn everything you need here!

Scheduled Tournaments:
These tournaments have fixed start times, and they are announced in advance. Would you like to attend one of these tournaments, you have to register before the registration deadline. Registration deadline is in every tournament at a different time, but this is always announced beforehand in the lobby.
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Maria Sharapova – the winner of the open tournament in Cincinnati

Maria Sharapova


A person well-known watch brand titled tennis player Marina Sharapova won the Open Championship in Cincinnati. On the pedestal with the cup in the hands of Marina Sharapova has confirmed once again that she is the best. Russian beauty on the wrist adorned with elegant women’s watch from TAG Heuer Formula 1.
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Ritmo Mundo, Mark Wahlberg and a charity golf tournament

Ritmo Mundo


Mark Wahlberg took his guests to a charity golf tournament in Massachusetts this Saturday. The event took place in the 61 mile from where he was born Wahlberg – star of the movie “Nights in the style of Boogie-Woogie.”
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