Choose Suunto for the ultimate Sports Watch

Suunto_sports_WatchesIf you’re a fan of outdoor sports like trail running, cycling, climbing and more then chances are at some point you have wanted a sports watch that not only offers you the performance needed to match your abilities but has features that are integral to your training and your chosen sport.  One particular brand that has all this and more covered is Suunto.

Since 1936 when Suunto was founded by engineer Tuomas Vohlonen when he decided to make a better functioning dry compass with steady needle operation.   In the following decades Suunto Compasses were hugely successful resulting in the bestselling field and marine compasses before developing the first diving compass and later combined a diving computer with an electric diving compass.  All these innovations led to the current Suunto Watches which effortlessly combine every electronic device a sports person needs with a high precision watch.
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New Suunto Terra Elementum

New Suunto Terra Elementum

Description :

The classic Suunto Elementum, top line of the Finnish brand expanding its borders by acquiring new space, thanks to its lightweight image from introduction of small but significant details that make it more attractive and likeable.

Devices that designer Vantaa have made and which, according to their judgment, infonderebbero a touch of color and sprint to a product known to elegant and austere.
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The new Finnish sports watch from Suunto

 sports watch


Finnish watchmaker Suunto has announced the release of a new sport chronograph, which has the function of GPS. This wristwatch Ambit. Of course, Suunto, as usual, is not confined only to the one supplied with the GPS and compass, clock, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, heart rate monitor, an alarm clock looking very innocent in the background of these complications GMT.
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