Casio GA110RG-1A

Description :

G-SHOCK G Shock” it was born in 1983, the biggest feature is its robustness, it has become a specification that does not break even if dropped from a considerable height. The soldiers also prefer to work in the field is a typical example of the harsh environment, these features are also favored by the United States Navy Seals.

Then, one of the features of the G-SHOCK, various functions can be mentioned, in addition to stopwatch and timer function, alarm function, dustproof and waterproof high pressure, mud-proof, in particular, depending on the product, barometer, depth measuring instrument, a thermometer, a radio clock, a solar cell, super-hard coating, and world time display function is adopted.

In the “speed” of the film published in 1994, from the fact that the main character is played by Keanu Reeves wore a G-SHOCK, in Japan, became popular.

Chanel With the speed of time



According to Ella, in his boyhood he was so impressed by the beautiful sports car tuning Superleggera (“Super Light”), that when it came time to invent something new for the men’s watch collection, he did not hesitate in choosing an appropriate style. Exterior model is identical to J12: same design same black and white coloring, the same sporty character, but there is one significant difference, which can be guessed by the title. It is very easy. The fact that the case and bracelet J12 Superleggera partially made of aluminum, which makes it about 45 percent (!) Are easier to complete the ceramic version.
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