Female models Go Red Seiko Tressia

Japanese watch brand Seiko introduced two new female models. New items have been issued as a result of cooperation with the American Association Go Red For Women, which has been supporting the treatment of heart disease in women.

New Products Go Red Seiko Tressia presented in rectangular, the sides are decorated with gemstones. Dial the first model made in white, and the second – in black colors. Attracted the attention of two big hearts at 12 and 6 o’clock. And in the 3 o’clock position shows a heart in red.


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Watch Dior Chiffre Rouge M05: gently, the red light!

Watch Dior


Fashion house Dior has announced the release of a new watch models Chiffre Rouge M05 with tinted bright red back cover, reminiscent of the stop-signal lights. It is difficult to say what the message encoded in the French company design. Maybe a red light on the hand to remind you to be vigilant and cautious?
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Women’s Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre on the red carpet at Cannes

Women's Watches


The world’s attention, especially moviegoers and critics in recent years has been focused on the Cote d’Azur, where he conducted one of the most significant film events – Cannes Film Festival 2012, has been launched on the 65th time May 16, 2012.
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A new model of Red Label Skymap by Movado

new model

Watch Red Label Skymap


Renowned Swiss watchmaker Movado, founded back in 1881, and in 2012 introduced a new model of the magnificent Red Label Skymap. In the name of its new products announced by the main feature, namely, the image on the face of old maps of the sky over Switzerland.
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The new Red Label Calendomatic from Movado

The new Red Label Calendomatic


The well-known watch company introduced a new model Movado Red Label Calendomatic with the famous symbol of the sun in the position of hour marks 12. The first model with a sophisticated automatic aperture mechanism for Calendomatic ® was released in 1946 and was a huge success. Design of the new Red Label Calendomatic hours refers to the illustrious past of the famous namesake, with a convex sapphire crystal and a central circular aperture of date.
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