Rapport Pocket Watch PH35 IP black Set


Pocket watches the over 100 year old traditional company Rapport London are characterized by a high level of quality. Lovers of high-quality pocket watches are delighted with the quality and appearance of each clock.



  • Similar quality mechanical movement with 17 Ruby, ETA / Unitas
  • Black dial with Arabic numerals
  • Decentralized small second at 6 clock
  • Frosted case IP black coated
  • Mineral glass, scratch and shockproof
  • Diameter: 5.2 cm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg.
  • In addition, with pocket watch stand in the set

Jaquet Droz Pocket Watch Ivory Enamel



There are many people today are not able to resist him again. In fact the ‘pocket watch has never ceased to issue its irresistible charm.

Modern man is now again ready to embrace – this time by choice – its mystery. It is the illusion of being able to store the time – this is huge – in a pocket, stroke it with your hand, see and stick only to those who want to show their rounded shapes. Jaquet Droz Pocket Watch Ivory Enamel is all about. If anyone put in his hands to say you would not know where it comes from and how old he is, maybe because its face is still exactly what “profile” that is named Grande Seconde and the watchmaker Jaquet Droz conceived way back in 1785.
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Modern pocket watches

pocket watches


True gentleman is not supposed to know when to newfangled plastic watch. It needs a solid pocket watch in a solid metal case. Of course, it is best to go up here antique clocks, inherited a legacy from his grandfather, but for the modern gentleman of their functions is clearly not enough. Guided by these arguments come up with designer Adam Haffnar original clock, called Cobalt, mimic antique. But it is only in appearance. It is necessary to open them; it becomes clear what’s what. The gadget is equipped with all necessary and useful functions.
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Unique Pocket Watches Bovet for auction Only Watch

Unique Pocket Watches


For the September auction Only Watch 2011 all the most famous Swiss companies have prepared an exclusive watch. However, Bovet, it seems, has presented perhaps the most trivial watch: both wrist and pocket, and even desktop if you wish. Such complex transformations hours made possible by a patented system Amadeo ® Convertible.
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Pocket watches from Vacheron Constantin set all-time record at auction Christie

Pocket watches


Pocket watches from Vacheron Constantin set all-time record at auction Christie. June 15, 2011 at Christie’s auction for incredibly high amount of 1.8 million dollars, three times the initial price, were sold supercomplex pocket watch from 20-karat gold brand Vacheron Constantin. Hours were in the collection known collector James Ward Packard.
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Important Collectors’ Wristwatches, Pocket Watches & Clocks

New York June 15

The main interest of the first summer auction in New York represent the hours after the 250 th anniversary of Breguet – 1747-1997 Breguet 250th Anniversary. These supercomplex clocks were created by individual order in 1997. Model in a platinum 40-mm package has the following complications: minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar with retrograde date and “bouncing” the hour. As a result, trading their initial price of $ 200,000 increased to $ 417,500.
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