Michel Herbelin. The heir to the line

Michel Herbelin


“Jurassic” hours
The concept of “Swiss watch” began to take shape two hundred years ago, and at that time it was significantly different from its modern counterpart.Geneva was then an independent republic, and produced their own “Geneva watch.” Canton Neuchatel was a member of the Swiss Confederation, and the adjacent northern canton Ergyuel (whose chief town Bien, he’s Bill, is now the headquarters of Swatch Group and one of the centers of the Swiss watch industry) belonged to another state – Basel principality. In the west region of Jura Mountains hour continued French province of Franche-Comte in Besancon, with its capital. Despite the fact that these were three different states, they shared more than a national identity: the end of XVIII century, the main traditional craft in the Jura was horology.
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