New with retrograde mechanism of Philip Laurence

New with retrograde mechanism of Philip Laurence

Description :

Swiss watchmaker Philip Laurence released a new model men’s watches.

A characteristic feature of novelty is retrograde gauge indicating the days of the week. After making a full cycle and when you come to the last day of the week – to “Sunday”, a kind of hand makes the jump and returns to its original position – Monday.
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UR-210: humanized mechanism

Description :

Never has the clock did not show such devotion. Model URWERK UR-210 finally makes visible the special bond that comes between a man and his mechanical clock. UR-210 has an original and meaningful to URWERK way to display the time and proud of the opportunity to engage in dialogue with its owner.

Even if this model and demonstrates cold chronometric precision in counting down the hours, UR-210 is still playing affective map, because it is a reflection of your pace of life: «UR-210 materializes symbiotic relationship between man and his watch. This humanized mechanism will tell you about yourself more than any other item in your possession, “- suggests Martin Fry.

Dial UR-210 features a classic indication of the range in the “1:00”. At the opposite side of the dial, in the “11 o’clock”, there is almost the same indicator. Does this mean that the indication was doubled to double the controls?

No, this device does not something small, it requires greater attention.

Behind it is not seen each other before, for the first time demonstrated the development, determining the effectiveness of the mechanism of the plant in the last two hours of wearing UR-210.

You comfortably curled up in your favorite chair and not moving? In this case, the mechanism of the plant is not sufficient, and the arrow pointer pridvinetsya inexorably to the red field. If you return to the duration of the activity, the index sets his sights on a green field – is a sign that you will again provide hours of required energy.

humanized mechanism

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The mechanism of liquid-hours HYT



The intrigue continues. Recently, in anticipation of the upcoming exhibition hours Basel World 2012, the company was given a small HYT promotional information about upcoming exhibitions for the new product with the indication of time by means of a liquid. Today, the veil of mystery still slightly ajar: we can see the whole assembled a unique mechanism through the transparent back cover of the mysterious news.
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