The Guy’s Guide to Dressing for a Wedding?

A wedding is the day married. It is therefore important for the guests to give special care to their outfit without overshadowing the bride and her husband! Know how to dress for a wedding.

Are there still rules that apply to weddings and dress guests? A visit to the bridal shops of the Rue Saint-Hubert, tells us that if the rigid etiquette of the past has changed, it remains that there are basic knowledge to have.



The date is set, you have received the invitation, and now comes the real dilemma – what do you wear to the wedding? While the high street is literally inundated with outfit options for women, the choice for men can sometimes be a little difficult to determine – is a waistcoat and bowtie too formal? And do you run the risk of going too casual with your standard go-to checked shirt?

To help decipher the mystery of what a wedding guest should wear, we have put together a few helpful tips to make sure that you not only look the part at this summer’s weddings but you also pull off any look with that essential dose of style too. Continue reading “The Guy’s Guide to Dressing for a Wedding?”

Festina Sport F16608 / 5 Multi-function Man.


Description :

At Festina Sport F16608 / 5, belonging to the Elegance line, you certainly can not be faulted for a watch whatever. Fashionable? Sports? Elegant? Informal? Modern?

It probably contains within itself all these lifestyles because it fits perfectly and is at ease in any situation rarely found in watches trade so versatile, especially considering the price range at which it is sold.
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Luxury Watches Man

Watches Man


In general, it is an advantage that a woman choose a watch for a man and often know more about accessories and fashion than most men. If you are considering buying a luxury watch to a man, it is important to think about him and his personal tastes and what type of watch does better with his character. A watch is an important complement to any man.
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