Epson created the lightest GPS watch

GPS watch

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Of course, Epson all know primarily as a manufacturer of printers and projectors. However, now Epson is their first wristwatch. But the main achievement is not in the fact that Epson managed to create a digital clock (after all, is a subsidiary of Seiko ), but the fact that this is the easiest in the world of sports timepiece with GPS. Now that looks like an achievement.
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The lightest in the world clock

The lightest in the world clock


South Korea’s Telson Electronics has recently become famous for the fact that I did the easiest watches in the world. Prior to this momentous event, many probably never heard of the existence of such a company, but now the number of fans of this producer has increased dramatically. In addition, the lightest in the world of watches have also lots of different functions, as well as the presence of a clock embedded mobile phone. But first things first.
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