GTE 2012: new company Ladoire

GTE 2012


During the exhibition, Geneva Time Exhibition 2012 Ladoire company is the next “chapter” Collection Black Widow – watch Mr.Ice. Expressive face full depth of the original “architecture”, “exposing” an amazing job of gears and all the “layers” of a unique mechanism – all – watch Mr.Ice, which hardly worth considering in a hurry.
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“Black Widow” by Ladoire wins the jackpot in Las Vegas

Black Widow


Sultry model Back Widow of Ladoire was back on the crest of the wave. Deconstructive vision of time in a wristwatch with two time zones Lionel Ladora was the reason for the temptation to release an exclusive model of Mr Green, which is the first “swallow” trendy collection Back Widow.
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