New Space Adventures wrist: Romain Jerome Spacecraft

New Space Adventures wrist Romain Jerome Spacecraft

Directly from the current retro-futurist Haute Horlogerie now become trend is the new Romain Jerome Spacecraft. Created by the pen of the famous designer Eric Giroud, animated by mechanical unlikely Venus and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht – owner of the workshop micro engineering Agenhor under the supervision of the President RJ Romain Jerome Manuel Emch, the new and unconventional timepiece brand for years known for His inspirations steampunk highlighted by iron Titanic seems made to evoke scenes in Blade Runner – Rutger Hauer famous monologue in which he quoted the unforgettable words “… combat ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion ..”.
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“Explosive” model wristwatch from Steampunk RJ-Romain Jerome

"Explosive" model wristwatch


Consuming interest from buyers for the company wristwatch RJ-Romain Jerome contributed to the fact that well-known brand of thinking about creating a new model in the style of Steampunk. The new chronograph Steampunk has become another phenomenon in a collection of watches of the brand. Steampunk is born as a result of engagement of creative impulses emanating from the human brain, which can be constructive and destructive.
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Conquest watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome Hotel Byblos

Conquest watch brand RJ-Romain


The famous watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome for the summer of 2011 headed for the south, where preparing a grand opening and an impressive boutiques in the legendary Hotel Byblos. Hotel Byblos has earned a world-renowned fame, stop where movie stars and music. Permanent resident guests were the cult of personality like Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger.
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Jerome Le Banner in hours from the Black Belt Watch

Black Belt Watch


In June 2011, at the world championships in martial arts for full contact version of the famous French fighter Jerome Le Banner will participate in a wristwatch from the Black Belt Watch. Champion of France and the European Kickboxing Jerome Le Banner, known as “Geronimo” began martial arts at age 6. He is also known as the “Battle Cyborg” or “The Bulldog of Normandy”. K-1 superstar and professional kick boxer are distinguished for his aggressive style of battle and the most powerful knockouts. Desire Brand Black Belt Watch to see Le Banner in the branded watch company was in order.
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