Issue hours “Star” based on “Launch Automatic”!

Issue hours Star based on Launch Automatic

Watch Factory “Rocket” restart model “Rocket” – “Star” design by supermodel Natalia Vodianova on the basis of the mechanism of “Rocket-Automatic.” After the success of the quartz version of “Stars”, Petrodvorets Watch Factory engineers redesigned its design and mechanism. “Star” is a reflection of the nature of the modern woman.

The original combination of large natural mother of pearl dial, inlaid with ruby crystals and thin belt, is a real work of art of watchmaking. Large dial looks nice on a thin female wrist. The housing is made of steel coated with a special coating of gold color. The watch has a transparent case back through which can be seen decorated mechanism. You can choose a model with a genuine leather strap or steel bracelet from solid elements.

Issue hours Star based on Launch Automatic

The main features of the design kept the spirit and tendencies of the classical model 1974 combines the experience and achievements of the Soviet watchmakers, modern design and manufacturing solutions. “Launch Machine” – a unique new self-winding movement, the first in 30 years in Russia.

Caliber been crafted with the participation of the former director of production Rolex. According to some criteria new mechanism already exceeds calibers known Swiss companies. Petrodvorets Watch Factory – the oldest company in Russia and one of the few world factories that produce its own watch movements from A to Z, including spiral and balance. Since 1961, the factory produces watches “Rocket”, named in honor of the first manned flight into space, Yuri Gagarin.

With the hammer will go 100 Patek Philippe watches

With the hammer will go 100 Patek Philippe watches

In honor of the 175th anniversary of the brand Patek Philippe in Geneva will be a special hour auction Christie’s.

Lots in the auction, which will be held on November 9 will be 100 hours, issued during the period from the beginning of the XIX century until 1980.

With the hammer will go 100 Patek Philippe watches1

About a quarter hours accompanied by the original box and papers. It is noteworthy that more than half – of the models that have never been offered for sale publicly. Spread the cost of strikes: a preliminary assessment of hours varies from 1000 to 1 600 000 francs.

Note the interesting items: “The Boeing” Patek Philippe, Ref. 130 controlled by a single button split-chronograph gold case, the model Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 First Series in pink gold perpetual calendar, one of three copies of Patek Philippe, Ref. 1563 1940-year and other exclusive offers.

Model 11 + from Cloud And Company

Unusual design of new 11 + hours

Hours 11+ created just for those who are in the rapid pace of modern life does not want to feel dizzy from jet lag.
“We live in a time when contact with relatives on the other side of the world is elementary with a single click.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours we just wanted to reflect this globalization” – says the founder of the South Korean studio Cloud And Co. Kunhua Kim.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours 2

The cylindrical body of the chronometer was created not for beauty – its rotation set the exact time in the main, according to the developers, and cities. On the side surface 24 items; two cities, the difference between which is 12 hours, the pair are opposite each digit.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours 1

For example, London, together with the New Zealand Auckland, New York – Bangkok with Thai. To check the time, for example, in Paris, you need to turn back the clock so that the name of the French capital is pointing figures 12.

Accessory is available in the dim orange-red, gray and blue colors, and the cost of the Korean news set at the symbolic $ 49.

H. Moser & Cie. represents a novelty Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Black Golden Edition


Watchmaker H. Moser & Cie. has released a new limited edition of its famous clock Perpetual Calendar Black Edition (Ref. 1341-0501). A model of a round titanium case with DLC-coated.

Diameter of the body, consisting of three components is 40.80 mm and the thickness – 11.10 mm. Dial new items made of 18-carat pink gold, equipped with overhead golden labels and arrows. At 3 o’clock is the date aperture at 9 o’clock – analog power reserve indicator. Through a small central hand carried indication months. On the front side of the housing and screw it on the back cover is installed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

H. Moser & Cie. represents a novelty Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Black Golden Edition

Equipped with new Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Black Golden Edition manufactory caliber with manual winding H. Moser & Cie HMC 341, 28 jewels, with a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, two winding drums, 7-day power reserve, the escapement module spiral Original Straumann Hairspring ®, display functions, hours, minutes, seconds, date, month, and reserve a leap year.


Look classic watch complements the black alligator strap. Issue of new items is limited to 10 copies of the model will go on sale in summer 2014.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation


There are four fundamental principles that define all models of Bell & Ross: readability, functionality, accuracy and reliability. Principles undoubtedly respond to what is expected of an “instrument”. There are few signature models that are a reproduction of some of the flight instruments to be found in any airplane cockpit, all framed AVIATION BR01 collection. Compass was introduced in 2010, in 2011 the Radar, in 2012 the family expanded with three more: the Horizon, Altimeter and Turn Coordinator.

A new trio to the control panel
In 2013 three new models become part of AVIATION BR01 collection inspired by so many instruments on board:
Head Indicator: the gyro compass or heading indicator, heading indicator, is an indispensable instrument for piloting. Indicates the path that the aircraft and is used in both manual and automatic flight.

Airspeed: or anemometer is a speedometer. It measures the speed at which an aircraft moves in the air and fly it in a controlled manner when no visibility.

Climb: barometer or vertical speed indicator, climb, allows the pilot to know, at all times, if the plane is ascending, descending or flying level. This instrument is based on atmospheric pressure and is graduated in hundreds of feet per minute.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation1

The dial has three discs, one for each timestamp. The exterior, which resembles a compass indications corresponds to hours. The north has been replaced by a double triangle indicates the time on the markings inside bezel.

The next disc corresponds to the minute in which the minute numerals are printed minute reading time is done based on the number to twelve hours. Finally in the central portion a disk without any graduation, but with a second rate to indicate to us.

To make full mimicry with instrument flight in the crystal is recorded in yellow silhouette of an airplane as in the original. Besides carbon black finish of the box, like a panel of flight is involved, makes reading in contrast to the yellow.

The weight of each disc is 30 vece than a needle, which has required ultra lightweight design and manufacture to reduce neither the reserve or to affect the normal operation of the watch discs. Another “handicap” to overcome, and partly contrary to the above, is that the discs must be rigid enough not to bend, suffer deformities and avoid any friction. Assembly is extremely complex and requires a great practice for setting everything perfectly.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation2

Less sophisticated than the previous construction, the BR01 AIRSPEED is a reflection of the instrument that inspired it. In this case the designers have captured the visual characteristics of the anemometer to create a highly readable clock.

To improve both reading and symbiosis with the original reading times on the inside of the sphere, just above your needle. The minutes are read outside of the area and are overwhelmed by the corresponding needle. The second indicator is a thin needle that also runs along the outer circle of the sphere.

The colors of the instrument board indicate roughly from green to Marillo critical values are also represented on the clock and indicate areas for each quarter hour.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation3

The graphics between the onboard instrument and clock serves to introduce two additional information on the usual hours, minutes and seconds. Just an indication of whether it is speed up or down, helps embed a needle to bring the package will run with the same nomenclature. Complementing the BR01 CLIMB incorporates indication of the month through an opening in the located three hours.

Another detail of the aesthetic similarity is that the hour hand is shaded in black so only the needle is white minutes. The hands and numerals are coated schedules luminescent material in contrast with the area to improve readability.

The three models are presented in a limited edition of 999 pieces.
The box has a size of 46 mm, is made of steel and have a black PVD finish. The tightness is guaranteed to 100 meters crown in all models is rosacada. The crystal is sapphire with anti-reflective treatment.

The Heading and Airspeed Indicator is equipped with an ETA 2892 caliber, while the Climb moves through an ETA 2897.

Exclusive from Oris


Swiss watchmaker Oris introduced the world’s first mechanical wrist watch with integrated barometric altimeter (altimeter) – Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter. New pilots addressed, climbers, researchers, word, all those whose work or hobby is connected with height.

Watch Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter presented in two versions: with markings in meters and feet markings.


Round watch case diameter of 47 mm made of steel. With a high level of resistance to water (up to 100 meters), this watch will be useful not only in height, but under water. Note that there are two winding heads: first – to “2 hours” with engraved brand name for a patented screw head control altimeter “4 hours” engraved «ALT SET».

So, how this function works. To activate the altimeter must install control head altimeter to “1” (unscrew the head until the red ring). When the crown is pulled out to position “2”, you can calibrate the altimeter. Once installed, the clock shows the current altitude using a yellow indicator, red LED will show the air pressure. On the periphery of the dial you can see the markup altitude.

This rate may be measured in the range from 0 to 15,000 feet or from 0 to 4500 m (depending on the variant model). Scale air pressure recessed between altimeter and the central part of the dial. If you measure the height of unnecessary head can be turned to position “0”.


Little about other characteristics of the model. Grooves on the bezel give the model a brutal appearance. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating protects the dial matte black with Arabic numerals, hour and minute hands coated with fluorescent compound. Inside the clock mechanism installed Swiss Oris 733 (based on the Sellita SW200) Automatic power reserve of 38 hours. Hours can be textile or leather strap, steel bracelet.

HYT – unique Hours

Singular Hours

HYT - unique Hours

The vast majority of developments and innovations in the field of watchmaking focus first on improving the chronometric performance, then include several complications in one watch, and finally aesthetic modifications to carry a design of specific motion, and either reduce one dimension, as in the case of ultra-thin-or expand them in three watches watches volume. What almost always remains unchanged is the way to display the time using needles or with jumping discs from a mechanical point of view, based on the same set of wheels drawn from the barrel of minutes.

However, fortunately for lovers of exclusive timepieces, there are other ways of showing the time that go beyond the use of handles incorporating unpublished technical solutions and even some that can be considered are the antithesis of the traditional mechanical watchmaking.

Including that offered by the HYT which are mixed hydraulic and mechanical watchmaking.

HYT traditional mechanical and fluid

HYT is a watch brand founded by Patrick Berdoz, Emmanuel Savioz and Lucien Vouillamoz, which Vincent Perriard is its current CEO, his debut was the in merging, as mentioned, two fields that no one could imagine see together: the hydraulic and mechanical watchmaking.

The idea of ​​Lucien Vuillamoz-training with an eclectic ranging from nuclear engineering and thermodynamics, to theology, to journalism or consultancy who car-obsessed in 2002 to design a wristwatch water. There is a new water use to measure time, just go back to the hourglasses dating from 1500 BC, based on the energy use of gravity for its operation. Here Lucien had to face two challenges: to replace this source of energy and it could be located in the confined space of a wristwatch.

HYT - unique Hours 1

HYT - unique Hours2

The composed of two distinct systems developed by two independent teams led by Bruno Moutarlier. The mechanical part, not surprisingly, is in charge of computing time and the minute display schedules. The hydraulic part complements the measurement of time visualizing with retrograde hours.

In the upper region of found the mechanical device that gives life. Its development has been the responsibility of the firm Chronode the front of which is Jean-Francois Mojon. It is a manual winding movement with an oscillation frequency of 4 Hz, 28,800 vibrations per hour, with 35 jewels its unique barrel provides a generous 65 hours of power reserve. Through the transparent background you can see not only the robustness of the design but also the careful arrangement of each of the elements. Stresses the balance bridge, shaped arc punching two support points.

The esqueleteado is also present in other bridges. All visible parts are finely decorated with hand-crafted from a “Cotes de Geneve” and beveled edges.

The front shows a marked symmetry has its focal point in the regulator located minutes to twelve hours. A wheel, as that could be used in an hourglass, located between nine and ten o’clock, is responsible for the seconds display, but rather it is a way of visualizing the clock is running. On the opposite side, between two and three, foreshadowed a sphere on which the reserve is indicated.

Sebastien Perret has been commissioned to make this aggressive aesthetic design providing a three-dimensional architecture encapsulated in a box of generous size: a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 17.9, despite which surprises by adaptation to wrist and lightness thanks to the use of titanium in its construction.

Undoubtedly the most attractive part lies in the retrograde hours display by a hydraulic capillary. The development of this system has been on Preciflex, HYT sister company, under the supervision of Lucien Vouillamoz own.

The hydraulic system located in the lower part and visible through the glass, consists of two bellows. Both are filled with fluids: the character to the left is fluorescent, while on the right is transparent. When the clock strikes six hours left bellows is fully expanded, while the right is fully compressed. The running clock operates on a set of cams located at the top of each bellows.

These two separate cams push pistons are ultimately responsible to act on the bellows. As time passes the fluorescent bellows containing compressed liquid will displace the resulting liquid containing and is displayed by the capillary. Turn the bellows on the right will expand to accommodate the liquid.

There have been a few solutions that have had to be implemented to ensure proper operation of the system and the link between the two worlds, the hydraulic and mechanical response to the needs of use.

On the one hand is to find a homogeneous liquid in texture and color, or transparency, can withstand temperature fluctuations without altering its properties, resistant to shock and vibration. These needs have given way to development of several innovations. So far there have been seven patents for technology and another for design. The bellows are constructed of a special alloy inspired sensors used in the aerospace industry.

Its special design makes flexible and resilient, and its particular shape allows the reduction of the energy required to move and absorb shock enables it to receive the clock. The system time setting has required a special design to avoid excessive speed liquid to move through the capillary.

The provides a new way to display the time with a special sensitivity to seek innovations beyond the traditional mechanical watchmaking.

Unicum hours from the company U-Boat – unique personalized novelty

Unicum hours from the company U-Boat - unique personalized novelty

Innovation reflects a new vision of time meters from the company U-Boat, celebrated its purist, recognizable at first sight design.

Designer U-Boat – Italo Fontana has developed special watches U-42 Unicum: they come from the past, completely handmade, with individual character.
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New Virtuoso Tourbillon from Bovet


Description :

Bovet known company announces a new limited hours Virtuoso Tourbillon.

The model is equipped with a round body with a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 16.45 mm in 18-carat pink or white gold. Water Resistant – 30 meters. Executed in the form of housing AMADEO ® Convertible, which allows you to transform the model as a wrist watch, and in the desktop or in a pocket watch. Crown set with a blue sapphire cabochon, posted a mark 12.
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