Baselworld 2014: heart for the Tudor Black Midnight Blue Bay


With Baselworld, we discover every year great news that we will then have the opportunity to take a closer look. Today, we present you a real shot of heart, which was unanimous in Basel: the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue midnight.

It knows its big sister: the watch Tudor Heritage Black Bay to the bezel already sublime burgundy and his cousin released last year: the Tudor Chrono Blue. And we were already conquered. Therefore, this new night with the blue bezel already had all the chances to be elected “blow of heart” …

With Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue midnight, it is a blend of vintage and modern times are to honor, in particular through a new popular in recent years color: blue.

With a 41 mm steel case, this edition takes its origins completely while giving a boost to the model.


Watch tudor heritage midnight blue

Let’s talk just from its origins! You can imagine with a name like hers (“Heritage”), this watch bears the scars of his past. Which is a good thing and gives it a nice look? These include its convex glass reminiscent of the first diving watch brand, Submariner 7922, a year after the release of Rolex Submariner (1954). That’s not all … The winding crown imposing so-called “big crown” also refers to a previous model, as well as angular needles, the famous snow-flakes, which were in vogue from 1969 until the 80s in the brand.


The blue color contrasts absolutely with the 2012 version to the bezel burgundy and gold rimmed index rose more warm. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay midnight Blue 2014 is colder, haughty, with a black dial, silver indexes, silver needles, and of course the blue bezel matte night.

Beauty is presented with two bracelets, one in blue distressed leather, and the other with fabric buckle. If you really find a last advantage, know that this very nice timepiece will be offered between 2500 and € 2700 for the price of nine. Anxious to see Croesus in…


The Laboratory of Enrico’s heart beats with Omega Patek

Omega Patek

Description :

This title may seem tight, but in fact summarizes the interaction of two of the brand at this time are characterizing the luxury watch market.

In fact, the raid on the market the revolutionary innovations introduced by Omega , have managed to scratch even the impenetrability of solid and traditional Patek Philippe, recognized as the absolute most prestigious brand in the world and certainly very attentive to all the technical and technological improvements.
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At the heart of Moscow appeared firewalls Hugo Boss watches

Hugo Boss watches


Today, many residents and visitors to the center of Moscow expect multimeter two surprises: the intersection of Tverskaya and Kamergersky alley, as well as the 1st Tverskaya Street was decorated with huge posters advertising a watch Hugo Boss.
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Hip Hop Valentine, a crystal heart that beats

Hip Hop Valentine

Hip Hop watch more trendy and young of the year and keep pace with the times and fashions could not even launch the model of St. Valentine.

Hip Hop the analog clock all silicon offers many colorful and fun gift ideas for lovers.

The new collection, in fact, it is even called Hip Hop Valentine not to create doubts of any kind and has as distinctive a small red crystal heart that beats on the dial.
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