The literature of Omega



There are two important literary productions that tell us of OMEGA. The first of which I speak is “THE SAGA OMEGA” essential reference for any fan OMEGA who wants to define itself seriously. The book contains stories, anecdotes and details of the history of the brand, but when the work is only available in French.
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French skipper Franck Kammas “will test” model Diverscope JeanRichard

French skipper Franck Kammas


Multiple champion in sailing French skipper Franck Kammas in the next race Volvo Ocean Race test, the new clock Diverscope from the company JeanRichard. By the way, the race kicks off on November 5 in Alicante (Spain).
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Le Chic: French lessons

Le Chic


To look feminine and fashionable, requires imagination and courage. Of all the accessories that are in the arsenal of the beauty of women, watches, jewelry plays a major role. Unlike clothing, for the hours needed only a hand. But taking it, they simultaneously become a symbol of social status, owner, and the subject, which corresponds to a certain style and mood.
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