The Secret to the Fashion Shop Layout that Sells

Running your very own clothes shop is no joke, especially if it’s a startup business. There are a lot things that could go wrong. As the owner, you need to make sure that you have a detailed plan for everything. That includes designing the layout of your store.

You can’t randomly decide the your shop’s layout based on what you think looks okay. There’s a way to do it properly and you must follow it if you want the customers to see your products more easily and make them comfortable while browsing through the store.

A good fashion shop layout can easily attract foot traffic. In order to achieve this, you must consider your customers and follow the tips below.

1. Choose the right floor plan.

There are at least 3 different basic floor plans for retail stores– the straight, angular, and mixed. The straight floor plan is the most efficient and the easiest to work with. That is why a lot of small business go with it. However, if you want to be able to emphasize certain fashion pieces, you might want to use the angular floor plan. This one provides lesser space for the products, but can give emphasis to the important ones.

If you want to sell accessories, shoes, handbags, etc. along with clothes, then you can choose the mixed layout. This one is a combination of straight and angular, which makes it ideal for presenting varied items.

2. Guide customers to the right.

It’s advisable that you steer your customers towards the right side of the entrance. It has been proven that people usually move from the right and move counterclockwise around the store. Hence, make sure that your designed aisle sends them to where they want to go. While you’re at it, it’s also better that you provide enough aisle space to accommodate foot traffic.

3. Position your products and displays strategically.

If you want to attract customers to your shop, your display outfit must be chosen carefully. You might want to pick the latest or the trendiest designer pieces and put them near the window. Then, you can strategically put all other good items somewhere that can be seen through the window, but is actually further inside the shop. This way, you are inviting people to go in and check them out.

Since you’re trying to capture customers’ attention, you might as well choose good mannequins to hold the pieces of clothes you’ve chosen. There are a lot of high-quality mannequins for sale UK. All you have to do is give them a direct call and ask for a quote.

4. Build a comfortable dressing room.

How the clothes look when the customer wears them can seal or break the deal. That’s why it’s essential that you invest in a good mirror, proper lighting, etc. Also, provide a seating area for the customer’s companions, whose opinion upon the subject of buying the clothes matters.

5. Position checkout counter at the natural stopping point.

You would want to position your registers in areas that will be easy to find, but will not distract shoppers while they are still browsing. The best way to identify these areas is to walk around the shop yourself. Where do you frequently stop? Mark that place as it’s most probably the ideal spot.


Planning for your store’s layout can be exhausting. When you find yourself getting stressed, take a deep breath, enter other clothes shops, and get inspiration from them.

denim fashion

7 denim things every fashion conscious man should have in his wardrobe

Denim is such a versatile and timeless clothing piece. People have been wearing denim since 90s and it seems like there is no looking back. Denim is ruling the fashion charts like never before and we are sure it is going to stay for the time to come.

Denim earlier originated as a men’s wear only. But later both the genders started wearing and loving it. Indubitably, denim is very close to guy’s heart. Not having a pile of denim in the wardrobe is surely going to raise eyeballs, right?This very easy going, no -fuss clothing is a darling for every guy.
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Fashion Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

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Solutions to Five Fashion Dilemmas of Big and Tall Men

Finding big and tall men’s clothing can be quite a challenge. When you go to a department store, there are only very few choices for supersized guys like us. If you need to buy a suit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that fits you! This is why a lot of us have no choice but to get our clothes custom-made.

If you’re looking for help finding clothes that fit you without sacrificing your appearance and fashion sense, here are some tips you can use:
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5 Ways to Make Your Christmas a Trendy Affair

This holiday season, despite being the time for joy and kindness and all things of good character, the holiday sheepishly inches towards the more material importance of fashion and good looks. Essentially, the need to stay on top of the game in all things fashion must be of utmost importance. However, the fashion police can be accommodating of those occupied by worries graver than the everyday ensemble question.
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Choose the perfect fashion ring for your finger

Fashion rings have become very popular amongst women of all age group in the present world. As women are very particular about their style and taste, they prefer to choose a design that will match with their personality. A fashion ring has different materials such as base metals, synthetic stones, ivory, shells, polymer clay, glass beads and plastic. If you are finding it difficult to pick up an exclusive design, then you need to shop around in order to get the right fashion ring.
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Accessorising Your On Trend Chevron Dress – Spring 2015 Fashion

One of the big looks of the past few seasons has been the use of chevron prints, and this is set to continue through the upcoming spring 2015 season, if the designer fashion shows are anything to go by! The chevron print can be worn in a number of ways, for example in a bold two colour design that forms one large set of chevrons on a skirt, dress or top, drawing the eye downwards and creating the illusion of a leaner, taller shape, or smaller chevrons forming a kind of zig zag pattern that makes a more flattering and interesting alternative to horizontal stripes.

Chevron dresses

Photo by Maegan Tintari

Chevron dresses are going to be in all the stores for spring 2015, so whatever your style or size, you can find one in a cut and colour that suits your body and your taste. From chevron maxis in fun, contrasting colours that give an almost retro look, through to bold black and white chevrons in short, tunic styles, there is going to be the perfect chevron dress for you out there this spring, so once you’ve found it, all you need to do is style it with the perfect accessories!

Watches and Jewellery

As a fairly bold print, the chevron looks best when worn with accessories that are not too ornate. Watches should be chosen with plain metal or leather straps, and minimalist faces – this always looks better with geometric prints, and the chevron is no exception. For jewellery, stay away from things with lots of fuss and dangly charms, instead opting for chunky pieces in materials that complement the colours of your dress. Consider silver metals with black and white, or plastic in black, white or a bold accent colour. With richer multi-coloured chevron dresses, wood and leather can look good, but again, go for simple shapes and chunky pieces rather than anything fine or elaborate in its design.


Shoes should also be kept plain, letting the chevron do all the work as far as pattern goes on your outfit. The style of shoe really depends on the cut of dress and the occasion – maxi chevron dresses can be worn with flip flops or less delicate sandals for day, then dressed up with wedges or kitten heels for night. Short chevron dresses will always look great with classic heels, but can also look good with ankle boots or ballet flats.


The boldness of a chevron print dwarfs small, dainty bags, so this is the time to bring out that statement oversized bag, or go with a blocky clutch with a bold, chunky buckle for evening.

Accessorizing this spring’s stylish dresses is actually very simple as long as you keep in mind that this kind of angular, striking pattern is not a good match for anything delicate or elaborate. Keep accessories on the large side and bold and simple in design, and you can’t really go wrong when you are styling your favourite spring 2015 chevron dress.

Top2 fashion watch

Top 5 fashion watches

We developed a list of “top 5” with clocks set trends this season

No doubt this 2014 season is that of supplements, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and all types of accessories in different styles, sizes, colors … round and make a difference every day of our outfits.

Today we give you the keys to stay updated on the  clocks again this season takes,  to keep you up to date in this add so vital and important to our day to day … Do not miss the “top 5”  that we have developed for you …

It is true that choosing the perfect complement to every  look  we are sometimes more complicated than usual, do not want to go too ornate sin or conversely too easy depending on the occasion to which we find ourselves.

The truth is that this season are a big lucky as the theme  accessories  are concerned, since we have plenty of  styles, trends, patterns, colors, prints , and etc, where you can choose the supplement that best reflects our style.

That said, today we will focus and give an overview of the  5 models of watches in this season , starting today with the top from  1st to 5th place ranking .

We started as !!

TOP 5 WATCHES 2014 season


The  pottery  has been a revolution this season, the introduction of this material in jewelry has been a real success because  offers high hardness and high resistance to scratches , and aesthetically is super chic … these models below the signature  Festina are the example.

Top fashion watch


It is one of the  super-current trends , this stuff cornea obtained from the shell of the hawksbill turtle also called (hence the name) is very  hard, translucent , mottled and betas in  ocher and black , making them attractive. These of  Michael Kors  are beautiful …

Top4 fashion watch


If you do not already have a watch with rubber strap , do not hesitate to get one, they are one of the “must” of the moment, all large firms have many models of this material, there are different styles, casual, casual, sport, chic, maxis, flashy … models down Tommy Hilfiger .
Top3 fashion watch


Another great addition to the clock, would be the watches made ​​from aluminum , these being the lightest on the market , do not weigh practically nothing , it seems not wear them. These two models of Tous are my favorite.

Top2 fashion watch


The trend “glitz” is the most followed and most succeed between us. We can find different models and various watches with zircons, the perfect example is the following three models below of Michael kors.

Top1 fashion watch

Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends

The autumn-winter season is “famous” for the role of the boots and booties … Every year a couple of designs or styles are protruding, and arguably along with others such as ” motorcycle boots “and” cowboy boots ” , boots and wedge boots are one of the big “stars” of this season.


How to Wear Wedge boots – this can be a question that you will find asking this season. The wedge boot is hotter than ever and now is the time to work this trend into your wardrobe. If you are new wedge boot can be difficult to find ways to wear the trend. It will not be the only person wondering how to wedge boots this season. Check out the following tips on how to wedge boots.

Team your favorite pair of wedge boots with your favorite party dress for a fun evening look. When looking at how to wedge boots thus opt for dressier finishes sleeker designs. If you want to buy just Click here. Gloss and sequins are all the rage this season, so if you’re brave, wedge boot finished with sequins is a great way to make a statement. If you want something more subtle, you can not go from a black leather boot.  Continue reading “Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends”


Discover the latest trends

Just the right place to find a schadenfreude


If you want to buy authentic handbags or fashion garments, accessories and everything you need to be beautiful and be fashionable, you do not spend a lot of money if we do not look for and where to buy at the best prices. There are real experts in buying online, and others, we have to learn some basic tips.

Internet not only allows us to buy what is fashionable at discounted prices, also allows access to the fashion trends, which is to know in advance what is going to take. This allows us to buy at a better price or even dresses or garments adapt to the new trend of the season is going to take.

Buy on line allows us to buy at the best price shoes, designer handbags, brand handbags, jewelry, clothing, and everything connected with the latest fashion. Most people, who buy, do it from home, but there are many people who buy on line or online from work.
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