Results of Moscow Watch Expo

Watch Expo


Capital Exhibition Centre “Crocus Expo” for the first time took so much hours of exposure – more than 1000 models produce about 150 brands representing 60 companies from 6 countries. For the days when it was visited by nearly 2,000 industry professionals by invitation and more than 5,000 people who came on their own.
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Prior to the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo 2011 left no time!

 Moscow Watch


Hourly exhibition Moscow Watch Expo 2011 in IEC “Crocus Expo” will open its doors to numerous visitors tomorrow (October 27), which will present its watch products more than a hundred watch brands from 6 countries: Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and the U.S. .
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Rebellion Watches for Moscow Watch Expo

Rebellion Watches


In Moscow, the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo you will see the latest hour mark Rebellion. In the capital, will introduce new models from the collection of Predator, for example, expressive Predator Chronograph 24 Hours, by which time the race for the Le Mans 24 Hours watched pilots of Rebellion Racing.
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Company Cyrus at the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo in Moscow

Company Cyrus


Sensation of autumn 2011 – part known Swiss watch company in the exhibition Cyrus Moscow Watch Expo in Moscow. The exhibition will present Cyrus lineups of their collections, as well as Moscow’s buyer will have the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty of the sensational model Klepcys, which was designed by Jean-Francois Mozhonom.
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