Christmas gifts expensive and exclusive in the new catalog of Neiman Marcus

Christmas gifts

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If you Believe that Christmas is still too far away to think about gifts, check out the new Christmas catalog published by Neiman Marcus, dedicated to luxury shopping mall located in Dallas. dell’86esima it edition of the special catalog contains gift ideas for every budget , from ten dollars up to over a million dollars. Which the section obviously attracts attention more December is that of Fantasy Gift: for this year is part of a pair of watches signed Van Cleef & Arpels by more than a million dollars, passing through a McLaren 12C Spider flaming red.
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The ten models of most expensive watches



In recent ranking by Forbes, the world’s most expensive watch, designer Chopard, well costs 25 million. If time is money, measure it can be very expensive, as demonstrated by an impressive selection of the ten most expensive watches and chronographs in the world.
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Luxury Watches Most Expensive

Luxury Watches


The price of a luxury watch is relative, since there are several factors that influence its value. Some of these values ​​are indisputable, such as quality and quantity of materials used in their manufacture, their more or less complicated mechanisms and utilities offered by the user, such as calendars or watches. But there are other more subjective factors such as brand or signature of the watch maker, age or history, the number of units manufactured per year, exclusive and extravagant designs, watches with special features or unique. These factors have great influence in setting the market price of a luxury watch.
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The most expensive clock in the world

The most expensive clock in the world

The Clock of the world’s most expensive costs 1000000 $. It is a watch for a man it was planned out on the computer very well. Alone for 3 days only material tests were conducted. The case is covered in white gold and diamonds. The 544 diamonds have been smoothed and matched to the clock. These are worth 300,000 €. But only 30% of the purchased diamonds were also used real and the other 70% are garbage. For the most expensive clock in the world were also the most expensive diamonds used: white diamonds. These were then dyed black for the Clock.
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