Seiko Spring Drive



In 1977, a young engineer of Seiko watches decided to test the belief that a watch manufacturer could make a clock “perennial”. He had the vision and courage to conceive of a traditional clock with a main spring, with the gap of a second per day compared with electronic models of Seiko. This brilliant engineer, Yoshikazu Akahane, was very determined.
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Watch and a flash drive



Modern designers are increasingly turning to the manufacture of multifunctional devices, which essentially combine several devices. And recently even combine such devices, once considered incompatible. The developers of the company Cyber key, specializing in the production, including special hours, decided to combine watch and flash-drive, however strange it may seem.
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The clock and USB flash drive

The clock


Many people today have never parted with a stick, carrying with them all the necessary data, photographs, if possible, showing them to others. But since all modern flash drives have a size smaller and smaller, easy to lose, and the usual stick – it is not so popular, but the two combine, it seemed would be incompatible – fun for all, especially when such devices that are used daily.
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