Hamilton: 50 years of electronic clocks

electronic clocks


For half a century, digital clock made a brilliant career with a sensational takeoff and landing under the influence of a sobering market and political realities. On the market today quartz movements, often simple, are for the most part, little to do with the art of engineering 50s.
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Wall clocks are different

Wall clocks


Wall clocks are very different – both the forms and colors. Clock in the shape of birds, in the shape of the house with a cuckoo, flowers and all the others. There’s even a clock on the background of a picture or pictures, but there is still quite an interesting option – wall clocks that also function as a barometer and thermometer.
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Wooden clocks – now it’s in fashion

Wooden clocks


There were times when it was impossible to imagine a clock with no time stamp. Digital, analog clock face, over the years helped to quickly and easily find out the current time, hours minutes and seconds, written in Arabic or Roman numerals. But now more and more popular unusual hours, which you will not find the usual numbers, if at all elevations.
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