X-TREM-1 Chocolat Christophe Claret


Christophe Claret has just introduced its most delightful watch, the X-TREM-1 Chocolat. Produced in red gold and titanium grade 5 treatment PDV chocolate, this piece combines the superb technical precision with elegant color model cocoa finish. The brown alligator strap finishes give character to this model first introduced in 2012.

The X-TREM-1 watch Chocolat has a floating tourbillon inclined at an angle of 30°; mounted on a main plate curvex dimensional titanium, equipped with an indication of hours and quite different from traditional minutes. Two small areas of steel hollow tubes sapphire isolated left and right of the housing, without mechanical connection moving, thanks to the magnetic fields.

The presence of these magnetic fields, traditional enemies of mechanical watchmaking, became the revolution of these watches that saved by a system composed of two small steel balls (hollowed out to make them lighter) that isolated in two tubes sapphire on the right and left of the song, move driven by the magnetic fields generated by two miniature magnets carried by cables.

This extremely flexible wire is formed by hundreds Dyneema assembled nanofiber gel of high strength polyethylene, capable of withstanding a pull of a kilo of a thickness less than one hair (4 hundredths of a millimeter in diameter).


The tourbillon of the X-TREM-1 Chocolat, which has a double ceramic ball bearing to increase resistance to shock, is inclined 30 degrees, making it visible to the user. Hand-wound, the watch is energized by two barrels. The first reserved for the tourbillon, the second to the filing of the hours and minutes. Filming presentation, meanwhile, is regulated by a special escape, seeking time information on the set of weather. Composed by releasing an anchor every 25 seconds a tooth wheel anchor of shooting presentation, it is activated by a shooting tied to bed time.

At the time of filming one reaches the end of its power reserve barrel, exhaust interrupted the progress of his neighbor. This configuration allows, from the energy point of view, the shooting of tourbillon and presentation are independent, thus avoiding disturbances, optimize reserve and confer an ideal clock accuracy.



  • Dimensions: 26.6 x 46.4 x 11.94 mm
  • Number of components: 419
  • Number of jewels: 64
  • Power reserve: Over 50 hours
  • Kegs: Two barrels: one for shooting time, another for presentation
  • Escape regulatory filing: Shootings whirlpool and separate from one another presentation from the energy point of view, which optimizes power reserve


  • Escape Swiss lever
  • Swing the wheel-Frequency. 3 Hz (21,600 vib / h)
  • Frequency of rotation of the vortex. 1 turn / minute
  • Tourbillon wheel tilted 30 °, guided by double ceramic bearing, transmission by bevel gear.


  • Introduction mysterious hours and minutes in the outer box with indicator means which moves emptied spheres 23 mm in two cylindrical tubes in sapphire magnet carriage Drag by wire.
  • Of seconds by vortex-presentation.
  • Mechanical movement with manual winding.
  • Cargo movement-Note: when motion is loaded, the spring is centered around the keg.


  • Curved with 30 ° inclined plane.
  • Bridges and sandblasted titanium-Platina.
  • Skeletonized and wheel-Ratchet Wheel.


  • Use of magnetic fields in a mechanical movement.
  • Mechanical connection between the dial and the movement-No.
  • Trimming recoil spring retrograde-presentation system.


  • Rectangular-curved profile.
  • Dimensions:. 40.80 x 56.80 x 15 mm
  • Tightness of the box: 3 ATM or 30 m.


  • Grade 5 Titanium PVD-chocolate.
  • Presentation of the hours and minutes:
  • Presentation emptied by two spheres of 4.00 mm diameter and a weight of 0,100 grams, moving against a sapphire graduated rulers, where minutes and hours are embodied by Super fine graduations -LumiNova, under the sapphire.

Button: Rapid correction of time through an integrated ridge located over the next 12 hours button.
Hoops: Rope and set the clock by rotating the “rings” in the present case.

Strap:Alligator hand stitched chocolate.

Clasp: Folding clasp in titanium fitted with gold buckle.

Christophe Claret Soprano: a tourbillon music!

Christophe Claret Soprano

Description :

After Adagio Christophe Claret Soprano continues to declare his love for the minute repeater. Indeed, because each new timepiece Haute Horlogerie also represents a new challenge, he arranged for the occasion that the chimes avvenissero with Westminster chime (same tune of Big Ben), with four stamps patented orchestrated by four hammers come first floor of a structure bridges overlapping style Charles X supporting a tourbillon. Soprano, in agreement with the watchmaking Claret is full of tradition always played by innovative solutions and materials. His case combines titanium noble metals.
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Christophe Claret Baccara BaselWorld 2012 Preview



Baselworld 2012 will see Christophe Claret, confirm that create complicated watches, equipped with mechanical games of chance only, has become one of his favorite pastimes. Last year the talented watchmaker introduced the Blackjack 21 hours, with the new Baccara which took over a year of development, will lead the show in Basel a real casino miniature fort of three of his most classic games: Baccarat, roulette and craps, all accompanied by various effects and sounds. In addition, blowing gently on sapphire glass will show a mysterious and hidden Chinese character.
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Special Jury Prize of Christophe Claret for outstanding invention

Special Jury Prize


In early June 2011 in Las Vegas with the participation of more than 800 invited guests gathered in the fairy room Encore Ballroom luxury hotel Wynn, a solemn opening of the championship Couture Time Jury Prize among watch companies, organized under the auspices of the awareness campaign Couture Time, representing world class watch brands U.S. luxury retailers. Such competition is a unique event. Established a respectable jury prize The Jury Prize for outstanding invention or innovation that has become part of the award “Best Design“.
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