Chronographs Watches

Description :

The measurement of time is a challenge, the man has always been investigated. Both scientific experiments and the high-performance sports require the technology from its highest. Chronographs are by no means only measuring instruments. From simple stopwatch, the chronograph has become a fashion object, which can be found in just about every fashion collection.

What is a chronograph?
Literally translated, the word means Chronograph “time writer”. With a chronograph is a clock, in which in addition to the actual movement, a stop mechanism installed. This mechanism is triggered by pressing a button and is on another dial (later there were up to three dials for hour, minute and second) to read. The related feature is the timing.

Characterized in that the separate stopwatch started, stopped, and can be put back, can be measured by time intervals up to one minute.

The special feature is that the mechanics of the stopwatch is running, regardless of the actual clock. Stop device and clock do not interfere.

During the first chronograph only had a crown to start and stop the timing function, which could later come up with two or three crowns, which were then covered with one of the named function.

Chronographs Watches

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