Casio DW6900DS-1

Description :

The U.S. Department of Casio announces the watch with a mesh texture. Funky design gives the model G-Shock special uniqueness and strength.

Mesh design has been achieved thanks to the 3-D paint technology around the watch case and bracelet. Such a structure, together with a silver button G – another beautiful piece stylistically DW6900DS-1.

  • 3D Diamond Pattern Band
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200M Water Resistant


Price : $ 150

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Casio GD350-8

Description :

Among them were most of their news we’ve been learning in Casio Zone, but more surprising is that China will not have the pretty GD-350-8, that is, two-color variant of the new “Vibrators “G-Shock. Instead, only receive the other two, the GD-350-1 (standard version) and invested GD-350-1B.

Not the first time that Casio makes this type of policy (in fact, often make them also in the U.S., where there have been, for example, all variants of the AE-1200) and do not really know what to answer, if production costs, logistics, or simply channeling markets. What is certain is that Europe and Japan should they all variants, while for South America is still pending official confirmation on who will receive Casio America, but also most likely be all.


Price : $ 120

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Casio GD350-1B

Description :

Impact-resistant housing design protects against shock and vibration – Plastic + steel.

This model is equipped with a vibration alarm.

Very powerful LED backlight provides illumination of the dial. When you angle the watch towards the person to read the data, the function automatically, and provides coverage of the dial.

The main objective was to create a Casio watch, which can not be destroyed. In the name of “Triple Ten” first watches Casio G-Shock was designed: to survive 10 years, have a water pressure resistance 10 ATM (most models have already been 20 ATM) and survive drops from a height of 10 meters.


Price : $ 120

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Casio GWA1000FC-2A

Description :

These new models are the new additions to the Gravity Defier lineup of timepieces Aviation preferred by pilots the world over. Triple G Resist construction makes them atto withstand the shock of dropping gravitational forces, centrifugal G-forces, and vibration.

Smart Access capabilities enable intuitive, simple-to-master operation, and a temperature sensor Provides temperature readings at a glance. Time calibration signal reception can be turned on or off, Which Enables use as a normal watch where a time calibration signal can not be received.

A new type of resin bracelet type band uses “Finish Resin Composite” square elements combined with steel-embedded H-shape elements, Which Enables Both lighter weight than metal without sacrificing durability.

The bracelet configuration Also Provides a better fit than standard resin bands. All of this and much more makes these watches the ultimate in good looks and G-SHOCK durability. Navy and black end composite band analog watch with a navy and black face.

  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
  • Tough Solar Power
  • Triple G Resistant
  • Shock Resistant


Price : $ 600

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Casio G8900DGK-7

Descriptions :

Get back together again. Casio G-Shock. ‘s Street Skater famous. Stevie. Williams, which will be released early next year by the Collaboration. This time the two brands. Dialog as a clock. DGK x Casio G-Shock G8900DGK-the seventh. Which watch will come with the color purple, the signature is linked to Willams and brands that they own that is brand skate lifestyle.

Famous. DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids). Itself and the body to be used as a transparent polymer. The panel will include the logo of the DGK package is specially designed for this watch. It is not enough … to get out of the DGK Skateboards DGK x G-Shock Watch the matches on this for DGK x G-Shock watches that will be released in January next year, see 2013. This time of DGK to make out the flat. It features a clock which is made with the G-Shock series. GX-56DGK. DGK favorite brand or model it is stored and what it is. This case, it is another to keep in my collection length one.

  • Water Resistant – Up To the twentieth Atmospheric Bars.
  • Shock Resistant.
  • Multi-time – Instant Display of the fourth International Times.
  • World Time – forty-eighth International Cities.
  • Stop Watch Function.
  • Multiple Alarms.
  • High-Brightness LED Backlight.


Price : $ 130

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Casio GW9000A-1

Description :

This Casio the Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch clay figurine series watch, anti-mud, shockproof, waterproof, resistant to low temperature of minus 20 degrees.

Resin Case strap, dial diameter 46mm, 200m waterproof, 5 Bureau of radio receiver school, although they can not receive domestic Shangqiu station signal, but in remote areas in addition to the Northwest, the other most areas can receive radio signals in Japan automatically when.

Solar charging system also has 29 time zones (48 cities), city code display, automatic electronic fluorescent lighting, 5 independent alarms, automatic calendar, battery indicator, night display function.


Price : $ 150

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Casio GW9200-1

Description :

Casio for 25 years refines his concussion-proof collection, proving that the watch is a delicate product, which need to be careful, but a reliable companion more than the owner. In addition to the basic features which are G-Shocki, GW-9200 is the first model with 6-band radio-controlled (2 x EU, USA, 2 x Japan, China). This feature makes the Wave Ceptor watches are the most accurate timepieces in the world.

Standard atomic clock synchronization ensures that all go to an accuracy of one second in a million years. Riseman also has a green power does not require battery replacement, because the internal battery is recharged by solar panels – Tough Solar. But the biggest variation in relation to other models from the collection of G-Shock is a dual sensor. Riseman has a thermometer and a pressure gauge, which also allows you to read altitude (altimeter).

In addition to these functions, GW-9200 has an automatic backlight, stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/100 second, timer, 5 alarms, and world time. Just like all other modern G-Shocki also has water resistance to 20 atmospheres.


Price : $ 220

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Casio GR7900NV-2

Description :

To the number of the most sought after watch brands in street fashion circles, famous Japanese manufacturer Casio ‘s G-Shock series is definitely among the best fashion lovers almost hand a Recently, Casio G-Shock also brought two new Solar Military watch. In addition to begin with matt navy blue color rendering is also equipped with a G-Shock Tough Solar proud of solar-powered technology and 200 meters waterproof set.

GR7900NV-2 is the best choice for adventurous friends with a button in the G-Shock series has excellent cold resistance, equipped with a tidal display table cover screws revealed somewhat the tough personality; from the military form GR8900NV-2 inspiration, with LCD display and LED light auxiliary, in addition to the power-saving mode is one of the selling points.


Price : $ 120

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