Bracelet time – fantastic on the wrist

Bracelet time


When watching science fiction movies very often you can see a variety of futuristic gadgets that our world had not yet invented. And often, these gadgets are made in the form of wrist devices, as well as bracelets. When you look at a watch bracelet of time, it seems that the future is not so far away, and fiction films are not very much different from today. Bracelet watches the time – not just watch, in general, they are more like a bracelet than a watch.
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Laser bracelet watch Alessi a new project Andy Kurovetsa

watch Alessi


Famous for all the “watches” market designer Kurovets Andy (Andy Kurovets) no time we were surprised by their designer fashion, his watch and, although superb. In his wristwatch everyone can find a part of himself. His wristwatch is present and the style and design, and a certain playfulness. Many have heard about it for hours, “the individual farmers,” clock “under lock and key” clock “test for fertility,” it is also his job. And in today’s article focuses on yet another work Kurovetsa Andy (Andy Kurovets).
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