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The Latest Trendy Style R-Watch M26 LED Bluetooth Watch


The R –Watch M26 is a fashionable Bluetooth wrist watch with dial and answer phone call options, short message reminder, anti – lost / theft, music player, pedometer and thermometer. The R – Watch is compatible with HTC, Samsung and more. The R –Watch M26 is currently retailing at $ 74.62 in most online shops. You can take advantage of a huge offer to save $ 18.30 and purchase the R – Watch M26 for $ 62.18 at here.

R – Watch M26 Features

  •     The R –Watch synchronizes contacts with your mobile phone. The watch displays the contact name list in your phone on the watch’s screen in real time up to a maximum of a thousand contact names. You can also make phone calls using the R – Watch.
  •     The R – Watch acts as a burglar alarm. In case your phone gets a distance away, the R – Watch will ring the alarm.
  •       The R – Watch synchronizes the time and date in your mobile phone. The watch displays on its screen the exact time and date as is in your mobile phone.
  •       The R – Watch features a stopwatch, alarm clock and supports ringtone customisation. When doing your usual exercises such as running, you can time yourself using the R – Watch stopwatch. The watch also allows you to set up to 5 different alarms, each with a unique alarm ringtone if you so please.
  •       You can make a phone call or answer one using the R – Watch. If a call is made to your phone, the R – Watch screen displays the caller IDincluding name and number, and you can elect to reject or answer the call using the watch.
  •       The R – Watch has both the earphone and hands – free calling modes. The hands – free mode for making and answering phone call or switching private call with hand set.
  •       The R – Watch features a superbly working power saving mode. When you switch to the power saving mode the watch reverts to minimal power consumption which translates to a longer use.

gear watch

The R – Watch is very trendy and has an attractive appearance and display. You can buy the R – Watch at who are currently offering a huge offer for the R – Watch where you can save more than $ 18. They offer free shipping and your package of one R – watch, one USB cable and a user guide ships in just three days.

Citizen Announces Launch of Proximity Bluetooth headset with iPhone



Japanese watchmaker Citizen has released another new product, which at first glance looks very stylish and modern. But few could assume that it is a possibility of Bluetooth connection. The only thing that gives this opportunity – a sign that is present directly on the dial.
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Watches with Bluetooth – what for?

Watches with BluetoothA watch is usually a small accessory used to count the time passing by. These timepieces, typically put on one’s wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket, either in one‘s pants or shirt. However, nowadays wristwatches are the most common type of watch used. Their evolution boomed 17th century from the big spring powered clocks that first appeared in the 15th century. The first watches that were created were mechanical watches. As the technology of watches evolved, the mechanisms used to measure time was replaced by “quartz movements”, using quartz vibrations or electromagnetic pulses. 1970 saw the creation of the first digital electronic watch. Since then, there have been a lot of new developments in the watches technology and from now on the market for pre-owned watches was bigger.
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