New Blacksand – Stratograhe at Baselworld 2012

New Blacksand


Young Swiss watchmaker Blacksand there for two years but has managed to create a wonderful collection of clocks and start production of manufactured machinery. Among the first wrist watch equipped with the latest CAL 2002 caliber with manual winding, can be distinguished chronographs Blacksand Stratographe.
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Watches with animals from Blacksand



The Swiss watch company Blacksand introduced a watch that was the beginning of a new collection – Continuity. New items have a more classic shape of the body, rather than hours of Uniformity – the motif of the two curves opaque walls surrounding the building, almost reduced to nothing. A dial Continuity inspired the world of nature – a model of koala bears an image with a baby on her back, the other – of sea turtles.
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Cedric Yoner – a new product manager for brand BLACKSAND



The famous Swiss brand BLACKSAND collaborated with the renowned master watch Cedric Yonerom Affairs. From the first in June 2011 Cedric Yoner was appointed product manager. The famous clockmaker, whose ten-year experience in the famous Swiss watch companies, he is the founder of the company’s own Cedric Johner.
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