Alexander Shorokhoff anonsireut production model Stripes

Description :

Founded in 2003 in Germany watchmaker Alexander Shorokhoff a new model – Stripes. She is the epitome of watchmaking and the avant-garde movements in art which so vividly represented in the works of the German artist Gunter Frutrunka (Gunter Fruhtrunk).

The style of the artist was greatly influenced by the work of Malevich.

Alexander Shorokhoff anonsireut production model Stripes

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Studio Timelounge presents: Alexander Nevsky hours

Alexander Nevsky hours


The project ¬ęSupersteel Watch¬Ľ was developed in the design studio watches and jewelry Timelounge. These watches are made in the “Russian style”, which immediately recognizable in its design. Inspired the creators of this project the image of Prince Alexander Nevsky. By developing a collection, the authors set themselves the task: do not use the clock stereotypical “Russian elements.” They wanted to create an original clock, which would be recognizable as a brand.
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