European antique clock table of angel art, home decor ceramic, pottery, porcelian, MOQ: 1PC

European antique clock


European antique clock table of angel art, home decor ceramic, pottery

Porcelian, MOQ: 1PC
European antique clock table of angel art, home decor ceramic, pottery
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Time Erzgebirge (part-1)

Time Erzgebirge


“Opening of East Germany? Perhaps the wrist version of the “Trabant”, “- smiled skeptically fellow journalist, an expert on the history of technology, an admirer of BMW automobiles and timepieces Seiko. Ugly “Trabant” with plastic bodywork that resembled our native “Muscovites”, was collected on car factory in Zwickau (GDR) since 1959 and until the reunification of Germany.
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“Porsche”, Who Do Not Need Gasoline



Gene … Designers
Three generations of the family of Ferdinand Porsche added a proper name in the history of the automotive industry and beyond. My grandfather, Ferdinand I, at the dawn of the XX century and created the world’s fastest electric cars, “Mercedes”, winning in the international (and even non-automotive!) Shows.
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The new hours Currency:Spanish Frank

The new hours Currency


In addition to statistics and financial calculations, there are many external factors, which can accurately determine the current state of European watchmaking industry. One of them – the emergence new names of the list manufacturers. And the name, originally designed to place in the top segment, associated with elite complications and combinations thereof.
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Emporio Armani: wear and wear

Emporio Armani


Suit from Armani
Secret style of Armani is in the modernity and relevance of the brand. What would the new fashion trends may arise, always, so that its collection does not go against them, while at the same time and do not follow them. Often it is the Armani sets the tone for something new in the world of fashion, avoiding, however, instructive and persuasive dictate. The fact is that, unlike many fashion designers, Armani does not change their perceptions of fashion in favor of the market, while remaining faithful to such criteria as elegance and practicality.
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U-Boat Thousands of feet MBY



When we first saw a colleague watch U-Boat on the modestly located on the stairwell at the exhibition stand in Basel in 2006, we even reflexively grabbed the railing, so they made a stunning impression. One look was enough, so we told each other “want” and rushed to measure this supermuzhestvennye model.
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Kieninger. Cube Shrolla



The famous German company Kieninger, specializing in the manufacture of interior clock, said this year’s 95th anniversary. It is the oldest company of the legendary mecca of German interior watchmakers – the Black Forest.Kieninger – a real pride in Germany. You bet! That masters Kieninger hold patents on many important inventions, which are necessary to provide modern interior clock. Suffice it to mention the patent for a free adaptation of Swiss descent for the interior clock, a module that allows the clock to go in the factory mechanism, corrector module in a second hand testimony of the pendulum clock, auto shut off and the battle music for the night … However, the master Kieninger improve not only the interior mechanisms of hours, but no less important a part of them – the case.
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