Casio GWM5630A-4

Description :

G-Shock – Increased shock and vibration
Of special energy-absorting inner and outer zones of the watch extremely resistant to shocks, vibrations. Therefore, the G-Shock watches have become so popular all over the world including extreme sports enthusiasts, the various armed forces (including NATO and the U.S Army Special formations), a special commando unit, as well as firefighters, pilots and astronauts alike.


Price : $ 177

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Casio GB6900AA-2

Description :

Technology that enables short-range wireless communications, power-saving model G-SHOCK BLUETOOTH , Bluetooth v4. Corresponding to 0 (Bluetooth low energy technology). Wrist during measurement smartphone telephone call or e-mail to receive the ability to advertise, or link to a piece warning, navigation, mobile phone automatic visual modification that works with smartphones, East Conformance speaks a state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of functions, In addition, these features become available.

services, while the proud G-SHOCK excellent impact resistance Saints unfolding the area to ensure the robustness of the next generation the same time to realize a battery life of approximately two years, the G-SHOCK, born here.


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Casio GB6900AA-7

Description :

Compatible with iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1 and iOS 6.0) and iPhone 5. To enable connection with an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Casio’s “G-SHOCK +” application must be downloaded from the App Store.

  • Incoming Notfications
  • Finder function
  • Lost Signal Notifcation

Gloss white resin band digital bluetooth watch with silver and white face.

iPhone Mobile Link Features

  • Notification of incoming calls and e-mails via the watch
  • Phone Finder function to enable iPhone alarm function from the watch
  • Warning vibration When the watch loses its connection to the iPhone
  • Time adjustment by synchronizing with time data received from the iPhone
  • Built-in tilt sensor to detect movement in the watch, while it is in power-saving mode, to automatically reconnect to the iPhone


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Casio GA110RG-7A

Description :

G-SHOCK digital display and simple many, ” the top-left button ”
“the two seconds but put together in time mode press about “Digiana type of G-SHOCK is complex.

The LCD for reversal of black and gold design that really stand out, the GA-200RG is painted gloss Furthermore, I was finished to a more adult atmosphere. Rose gold hit a presence in casual chic style, it is the color theme of model G-SHOCK.


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Casio GA110RG-1A

Description :

G-SHOCK G Shock” it was born in 1983, the biggest feature is its robustness, it has become a specification that does not break even if dropped from a considerable height. The soldiers also prefer to work in the field is a typical example of the harsh environment, these features are also favored by the United States Navy Seals.

Then, one of the features of the G-SHOCK, various functions can be mentioned, in addition to stopwatch and timer function, alarm function, dustproof and waterproof high pressure, mud-proof, in particular, depending on the product, barometer, depth measuring instrument, a thermometer, a radio clock, a solar cell, super-hard coating, and world time display function is adopted.

In the “speed” of the film published in 1994, from the fact that the main character is played by Keanu Reeves wore a G-SHOCK, in Japan, became popular.

Casio GA150MF-1A


Face Black All-in part, is made available to the unusual and new counters (here is one and only one of them) and digital displays that complement the face.

This could presage new features but reading these leaves us disappointed.

Quite a while if repeated too Casio G-Shock GA-150-1A confirms its polyglot nature (with less than 29 hours of Time Zones), his passion to measure time accurately (it is digital chrono with split times and accurate to 100 seconds but timer countdown) elastic ability to remember each event (there are 5 daily alarms).


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Casio GA150MF-7A


On metallic surfaces using three-dimensional dial color is adopted, as the reflection of the light to change the look and distinctive design has been completed. The base, the face, using monotone color prominently than is tough, but in the presence Color Street, the scene in the shining, the ring Big Case series of G-SHOCK is.


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Casio GA150MF-8A


Started mowing a lump of resin, such as is employed for the case of large, dynamic, tough design is a popular GA-150 from the series, “Metallic Dial Series (Metallic Dial Series)” appeared in shiny metallic dials surfaces reliefs in the dial Jobs metallic color, with the reflection of the light to change the look and distinctive design has been completed., the base, the face, using monotone color more prominently.

G-SHOCK Big Case Series of Street, thin shiny, tough and presence collar ring is 1/1000 of a second measurement function in the mount JIS1 kind of domestic performance, practicality also features a stopwatch.


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Casio DW6900MF-4


The digital color LCD for mirror. Metallic paint applied with a metallic shine, metallic paint, such as Kon would melt the metal powder to the case band In addition, the dial was set to finish the whole body shine.

The base model is adopted as the popular DW-6900MF4 model that is used in a variety of collaborations. It is a tough G-SHOCK cool that shines on the street scene. Bezel Case material: plastic. Resin band. EL: Blue Green. Release date: July 2012.

Watch Casio G Shock Standard Digital Edition DW6900MF4 Limited Edition Watch Casio G Shock Standard Digital Edition DW6900MF4DR watches for men. By G Shock line of durable resin features a new suspension G SHOCK 100 100 200 meters water resistant 20 BAR.


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Casio DW6900MF-1


The company Casio America, Inc has expanded the regular hour for new collection of watches G-SHOCK DW6900. G-Shock DW6900 – Men’s functional and stylish watch. New series of watches DW6900MF available in three colors: DW6900MF-1 – in the coal-black with purple dial, DW6900MF -2 – monochromatic blue-gray body with a blue dial and DW6900MF-4 – red metallic. “Based on the strong popularity of G-Shock, we assessed the most popular series. This new series is a good solution, it gives collectors a new style, while using our main frame.

“Like any watches Casio G-Shock – performance and durability are the basis of a series of DW6900MF. Features include – waterproof 200 meters, back light, stopwatch, countdown timer. Series DW6900MF will be available in September 2012.

  • Shock Resistant
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Multi-function Alarm


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