Why the chronograph watch is popular

Watches are one of the most popular clothing accessories world over. They are worn by both men and women, contrary to a historical past where they were only popular with men.

There are many watch designers and manufacturers from different parts of the world. As such, watches are available in different prices, makes, colors, and the number of straps one can buy.

About Vintage, is one of the upcoming contemporary watch manufacturers. They have a range of watches that are increasing becoming more and more popular as more people come to know about them.

This is why more and more people are buying About Vintage watches.

Great design

In the world we are living in, how we look matters a whole lot. That is why fake social media accounts are so popular. Here, you can portray a life you wish to live as if you are living it now.

About Vintage are first and foremost quite keen on how their watch looks. As a result, they carry out lots of research with their potential customers. As a result, they produce watches that their customers aspire to and are designed in an appealing and beautiful style.

Great branding

As their name suggests, About Vintage produces watches that are based on history. To bring this out, they name and their watch collections based on historical times and events.

For example, their 1844 chronograph watch collection is one of their most popular. It is innovative in its design and a highly practical watch. It comes in a beautiful box and an easy to engrave casing. Further, owners can buy extra straps to match their watches to their outfits or surroundings.

Great pricing

For their great design, About Vintages watches are available at fairly affordable prices. The watches are booked before they are produced and clients pay in advance. Once they are produced, they are then shipped to them.

Each of their collection is sold out based on the pricing and design of the watch, and, most importantly, the vintage story behind it.

Easy to wear

The chronograph watch is designed and built with light weight material. As such, it is quite light while on your hand and it will not tire its wearer.

Features of the chronograph watch from About Vintage

Interchangeable straps

When you buy this watch, it comes with two pairs of straps. However, you can easily and quickly buy more straps to change as frequently as possible.

The straps are available in lots of colors and you can buy as many as you like. Further, the process of changing straps is quite easy and fast. Click a button on the watch and the strap opens ready for replacement. Fasten the new strap and you are ready to go.


The chronograph watch has a single solid color. The most popular is the white dial watch. The white background is coupled with black steel hands and dots for an easier and faster way to tell time on the watch.

Other available dial colors for their watches are green, black, blue and navy blue.

Packaging box

About Vintage designs beautiful wooden boxes to pack their watches in. They are beautifully designed and crafted to appeal to the eyes and to conceal and protect the valuable watch.

With this box, the chronograph watch becomes a beautiful gift that you can give. It will be gladly accepted and graciously accepted.

Water proof

This watch has been completely tested and found to be water-proof. You can therefore swim in it and even use it for competitions.

Further, it comes with a two-year warranty against any defects.


A chronograph watch is one of the most beautiful watches that one can wear. About Vintage is a young and creative watch manufacturer with unique design skills that produce quite beautiful watches. With its unique features and beautiful design, you will never go wrong with the 1844 chronograph watch from About Vintage.


Top Tips on Travelling with Your Watch

A watch may not be at the top of your travel essentials list, but it is an item that may be handy to have when you are travelling nonetheless. When travelling for a formal event, for instance, having a dress watch to complete your formal attire is a must.

Some people travel with multiple watches for different occasions. There are certainly benefits of bringing some of your favourite watches with you. Before you start picking up a couple for your next trip, however, here are the top tips to keep in mind.

Carry a Watch Roll

One of the first things to keep in mind when traveling with your watches, especially the more exquisite pieces in your collection, is to keep them safe at all times. You want to bring them in your carry-on rather than check them in with your luggage.

To keep watches safe, invest in a good watch roll. Depending on how many watches you usually need to bring, you can pick the right size and have the ability to protect your watches while traveling with them.

Pick Up New Pieces

Shopping for new watches while traveling is also highly recommended if you are a true horology enthusiast. There are pieces that are available exclusively to select countries and regions; they make a great addition to your collection for sure.

For example, you can shop for unique pieces from Oris while in Thailand. You don’t even have to worry about where to get them, because retailers like Trocadero Group have luxury watch Thailand stores that you can visit directly.

Wear the Right One

A watch can say a lot about who you are. When travelling, wearing the right watch can actually make the entire travel experience more enjoyable. We’ve had stories of people getting recognised for the watches they wear; you may come home with stories of your own.

Some travel experts even recommend wearing watches that can be used to barter. A stainless-steel Rolex, for example, is easily recognisable and is the perfect item to trade when you are in a tight situation whilst travelling.

Opt for a GMT

Some watches are designed to tell the time in different time zones while maintaining an accurate time of the home region. Pieces like the Rolex GMT-Master are perfect for when you are traveling internationally and you need to tell the time in different time zones.

Most digital watches and today’s best smartwatches are also capable of automatically adjusting to the time zone you are in. GPS-powered pieces by the likes of Seiko and Tissot are definitely worth looking into if you travel frequently.

Keep Your Watches Safe

The one you wear on your wrist isn’t the one you need to worry about. When travelling with multiple watches, make sure you store them inside a safe in your hotel room. Never hesitate to take extra steps to protect the crown pieces of your watch collection.

With these travel tips in mind, there is no reason why you cannot travel with your best watches. As you are packing for your next trip, don’t forget these forgotten about essentials.

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How to Buy that Perfect Watch for Her

A watch is one of the most elegant gifts that you can give to people, but selecting the perfect one is not an easy job, especially if it’s for someone special. There are so many excellent brands out there and they are releasing new line-ups every year, making things even more confusing for the average customer. On that note, take a look at these few tips which will help you in sorting your way through all the confusion and towards that perfect watch for her.
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Minimalist Watches

Minimalist Watches: When Less Is More

There is a tendency when purchasing watches to go for the elaborate — the same can be said of anything, really. The mentality is that the more bells and whistles something had, the more impressive and expensive it is, the better it must be. However, this not necessarily to everyone’s tastes, and a high price tag doesn’t always translate into quality. While there’s nothing wrong with big and flashy, some folk prefer a more minimalist approach to their watch aesthetics.
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Watch Suunto G6 PRO

Watch Suunto G6 PRO

Suunto G6 watch is a golf analyzer, it was designed for golfers who want to improve their performance and consistency of their shots. It is a valuable tool to lower your handicap. Control your calls and analyze your weaknesses through the SGM software (Suunto Golf Manager). Not to mention the scores of maps, calculate your index, disability and possibilities of load path of the world (only 10 in the watch).
Watch Suunto G6 PRO

Suunto G6 enables you to practice and perfect your swing. After each swing, you can view the data movement performed, such as tempo, rhythm, backswing length wt the speed of the club head. Viewing these data will allow the identification of the best moves and the development of the memory of your muscles so you can repeat the right moves. After training, you can analyze the consistency of their game. In Test mode, you must perform a series of shots with the same club to assess the consistency of your typing with the wrist computer.
Watch Suunto G6 PRO

This same test measures the memory of your muscles as well as the degree of variation in your shots. Suunto G6 operates four types of play and gives you the name of the leader during the phase of the game so that players with different disabilities can compete against each other. During the game registers statistical data (shots on the fairway, GIR = green in regulation, ups and downs, in the bunker shots, putts and penalties) for better analysis of your weaknesses. You can save your ten favorite courses in the memory. The disability defined at the beginning of the game, the Suunto G6 will automatically calculate your handicap following the route so you can see your real score during the game.

Which Wrist Watch Will Make You Wow

Wrist watch is become a popular fashion accessories. Fashion loving people like to use stylish wrist watch for smart looking. Here we found 3 watches which will make you wow!!


Tokyoflash Kisai Seven


Innovative watch designers Tokyoflash have produced a watch inspired by the movie Tron named the Kisai Seven. Tokyoflash produces unique pieces of art where the time-telling method is just as innovate as the designs themselves. In lieu of a traditional watch face, the Kisai Seven has two rings of light, with small sections left unlit in the spots where the numbers on a watch face traditionally appear. Two L-shaped bars of light represent the days of the week to complete the minimalist-yet-futuristic look. Everbuying is a great place to buy watch from online. Where you can buy your favorite watches in decent price.


Bell & Ross Red Radar


Inspired by the look of a submariner’s sonar readout, the Red Radar comes from a company that provides watches to astronauts, pilots, and other workers in high-pressure environments, guaranteeing they know how to make a quality watch that would fit right at home on an instrument panel. The time is displayed on the red crystal watch face with small wedges that light in place of the watch faces, with numbers etched above. The second hand even pans in a manner that makes it appear like a slow-moving sonar ping.

Bvlgari Diagono Phases De Lune


Bvlgari, the Italian jewelry and watch designer, has truly outdone itself with the Phases de Lune installation of their Diagono line. With a pink gold bezel prominently displaying the Bvlgari name on the watch’s face, and nickel-finished antilever movement providing perfect time, the impressive features come to a head with the fanlike sections behind the timepiece’s hands, displaying the current phase of the moon. Such accurate measurement comes at a cost, though, with one model going for over $16,000 at Christie’s. Buy Your favorite wrist watch from everbuying online store easily with good price.

These watches will wow you, and so will their prices! Don’t fall for the big name racket and sink all your money into your watch when you can get the look for much less. Smart shopping means finding the right fit for you not only in looks, but in cost as well. If you shop smart and find a replica watch, you won’t regret your purchase.

Finding the look you demand and hunting down a replica is an easy way to rock your style without breaking the bank. There are Bvlgari, Bell & Ross, Cartier, and Dior watches available on the Internet, as well as many other brand and style imitations. Check out the available styles online and you’ll be sure to find the perfect purchase. You can have your time right where you want it with a smart replica watch!

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

Quantifiers and smart watches are the gadgets of the moment, so, for a while we started to receive the result of the combination of both products. Today we present a new clock that quantifies and attending your training, called Basis Peak.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

Of care dimensions and with a monochrome touch screen which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 technology, the new watch is not only able to record daily activity but detect whether we are riding, running, swimming or sleeping due to its detection technology BodyIQ movement.

It also has meter heart rate , so it can accurately estimate the calories you burn, plus the distance traveled, the steps taken, the body temperature or the time we have in motion.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

We can dip the watch to swim with him without inconvenience and we also monitor our nightly dream because the new watch Basis Peak is able to detect the phases of sleep each night.

Also as a good assistant training, allows you to set goals for our business such as: burn more calories or improve daily running brands.

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

It promises a battery life of 4 days and in the next updates we will receive notifications of incoming calls or messages from your smartphone with Android or iOS which will connect via Bluetooth 4.0.

This new watch that quantifies and attending your training and looks good enough to take us all day, will be available in the US by the end of the year to an estimated $ 200 price.

Top2 fashion watch

Top 5 fashion watches

We developed a list of “top 5” with clocks set trends this season

No doubt this 2014 season is that of supplements, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and all types of accessories in different styles, sizes, colors … round and make a difference every day of our outfits.

Today we give you the keys to stay updated on the  clocks again this season takes,  to keep you up to date in this add so vital and important to our day to day … Do not miss the “top 5”  that we have developed for you …

It is true that choosing the perfect complement to every  look  we are sometimes more complicated than usual, do not want to go too ornate sin or conversely too easy depending on the occasion to which we find ourselves.

The truth is that this season are a big lucky as the theme  accessories  are concerned, since we have plenty of  styles, trends, patterns, colors, prints , and etc, where you can choose the supplement that best reflects our style.

That said, today we will focus and give an overview of the  5 models of watches in this season , starting today with the top from  1st to 5th place ranking .

We started as !!

TOP 5 WATCHES 2014 season


The  pottery  has been a revolution this season, the introduction of this material in jewelry has been a real success because  offers high hardness and high resistance to scratches , and aesthetically is super chic … these models below the signature  Festina are the example.

Top fashion watch


It is one of the  super-current trends , this stuff cornea obtained from the shell of the hawksbill turtle also called (hence the name) is very  hard, translucent , mottled and betas in  ocher and black , making them attractive. These of  Michael Kors  are beautiful …

Top4 fashion watch


If you do not already have a watch with rubber strap , do not hesitate to get one, they are one of the “must” of the moment, all large firms have many models of this material, there are different styles, casual, casual, sport, chic, maxis, flashy … models down Tommy Hilfiger .
Top3 fashion watch


Another great addition to the clock, would be the watches made ​​from aluminum , these being the lightest on the market , do not weigh practically nothing , it seems not wear them. These two models of Tous are my favorite.

Top2 fashion watch


The trend “glitz” is the most followed and most succeed between us. We can find different models and various watches with zircons, the perfect example is the following three models below of Michael kors.

Top1 fashion watch

gear watch

The Latest Trendy Style R-Watch M26 LED Bluetooth Watch


The R –Watch M26 is a fashionable Bluetooth wrist watch with dial and answer phone call options, short message reminder, anti – lost / theft, music player, pedometer and thermometer. The R – Watch is compatible with HTC, Samsung and more. The R –Watch M26 is currently retailing at $ 74.62 in most online shops. You can take advantage of a huge offer to save $ 18.30 and purchase the R – Watch M26 for $ 62.18 at here.

R – Watch M26 Features

  •     The R –Watch synchronizes contacts with your mobile phone. The watch displays the contact name list in your phone on the watch’s screen in real time up to a maximum of a thousand contact names. You can also make phone calls using the R – Watch.
  •     The R – Watch acts as a burglar alarm. In case your phone gets a distance away, the R – Watch will ring the alarm.
  •       The R – Watch synchronizes the time and date in your mobile phone. The watch displays on its screen the exact time and date as is in your mobile phone.
  •       The R – Watch features a stopwatch, alarm clock and supports ringtone customisation. When doing your usual exercises such as running, you can time yourself using the R – Watch stopwatch. The watch also allows you to set up to 5 different alarms, each with a unique alarm ringtone if you so please.
  •       You can make a phone call or answer one using the R – Watch. If a call is made to your phone, the R – Watch screen displays the caller IDincluding name and number, and you can elect to reject or answer the call using the watch.
  •       The R – Watch has both the earphone and hands – free calling modes. The hands – free mode for making and answering phone call or switching private call with hand set.
  •       The R – Watch features a superbly working power saving mode. When you switch to the power saving mode the watch reverts to minimal power consumption which translates to a longer use.

gear watch

The R – Watch is very trendy and has an attractive appearance and display. You can buy the R – Watch at who are currently offering a huge offer for the R – Watch where you can save more than $ 18. They offer free shipping and your package of one R – watch, one USB cable and a user guide ships in just three days.


Ingenious Graham watches

Graham watches are sought across the globe for those that desire an exquisite watch piece that is elegant as well as functional. The name Graham is known for some of the highest-class watches coming out of London. During the 17th and 18th century, Graham watches were the most popular due to their classy and elegant design. The same is true today.

History of Graham Watches

Graham often referred to as the father of the chronograph has been attributed to creating the first stopwatch, dead beat cylinder escapement, a mercury pendulum system designed for better accuracy in hot as well as cold weather, first wall chronograph, and the master clock for the Greenwich Royal Observatory. By 1722, the name Graham was known throughout London and became the Master of the Clockmaker’s Company. After this creation, Graham became the first clock maker admitted to the Royal Society.


Even though Graham passed away in 1751, his devotion for creating high class and unique watches is still alive today. Those that are creating the Graham watches of today carry the same skillful techniques and unique designs the watches have carried for centuries. Today, the same vision and revolutionary designs can be seen in the watches created. All of the watches offer unique concepts that help in the creation of the functions, design, and finish of every watch.

Graham Watches Today

Collectors and connoisseurs love the originality, design and the high quality materials used in the creation of every timepiece. Today, the original company, Graham London, is owned by British Masters, which proudly manufacture Graham’s signature watch collections, which include the Chronofighter and Swordfish lines.

Graham Watches Collections and Features

Some of the most popular collections you can find today include the Chronofighter Oversize Collection, Prodive Collection, Chronofighter 1695 Collection, Stowe GMT Collection, Stowe Collection, Chronofighter Oversize GMT Collection, Stowe 44 Collection, Swordfish Booster Collection, Silverstone Vintage Collection, and the Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton.

The Stowe Collection offers many unique features that have collectors adding several different styles in their showcase. A few of the most popular features include functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, and tachymeter scale, sapphire caseback, steel case, black tire tread rubber bracelet, luminous hand indicators and hour markers and sapphire, antireflective on both sides, domed crystal as you will find with the Graham Silverstone Stowe USA.

In the Graham Chronofighter 1695 line, you will find exquisite features such as a stainless steel with Greenwich Observatory engraved and sapphire aperture on the balance wheel caseback, brown leather strap, domed black dial, chronograph sub-dial, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both faces for the crystal. The case width is 42mm.

The Graham Silverstone Vintage may be one of the most popular offering a 47mm case width, automatic calibre G1734 movement, rhodiated silver, white lacquered and beige Super LumiNova coated hour markers.

All Graham watches offer a unique style and provide wearers with all the attention they deserve.