Style Without Sacrificing Sustainability


Joining the growing trend for sustainability gets easier by the day with such a wide array of products to choose from. But not every one of these products is made with your unique sense of style in mind. It can be difficult at times to find the right product that portrays both your love for sustainable living and which is also in line with your distinct sense of style at the same time. Thankfully, there is a great product that keeps up with modern style while using only the best sustainability practices and materials. If you have been looking for the right product that offers these qualities without sacrificing functionality, WeWood wood watches are for you. Transforming reclaimed, scrap lumber into stunning, unique time pieces has redefined what is possible using sustainable materials.

For a relatively new company, WeWood has become accustomed to media attention. When you offer such a unique product it’s no surprise. From a constant stream of A-list celebrities to being featured in some top publications such as GQ and Cosmopolitan, sporting a WeWood watch puts you at the very forefront of style while at the same time showing others your passion for sustainability. From classy to outdoorsy, chic enough for a night out on the town and durable enough for the handyman to sport while working, any situation will be suitable to don your one of a kind, wooden watch.

WeWood understands that coordinating your accessories to your outfits is important. This is the reason that by means of sourcing a wide variety of wood from around the globe, we are able to offer different shades, colors, and styles to suit any taste. The subtle greens and browns of Verawood from South America. The bold blackness of African Blackwood from the dry savannas of central Africa. The sultry blonde colored maple. The sensual chocolate of Indian Rosewood. The gleaming golden brown of Tasmanian Blackwood. The cool caramel of Teak. These are some of the flavors to be had with some pieces utilizing a carefully adapted combination of colors. With such a wide array of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right watch for any outfit and for any occasion.

Not only are the watches themselves made by sustainable materials, by purchasing one of our watches you are contributing to our global reforestation initiative. For every watch that WeWood sells, we plant a tree in one of 30 reforestation projects around the world. These projects in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia are backed by some of the largest international organizations focused on reforestation in the world. From forest fires, blowdown, and other such natural disasters, WeWood has worked closely with its partners to reforest areas of the world that have been severely damaged. With over 400,000 trees planted around the world by WeWood and counting, contributing to a more sustainable world while keeping up with the latest fashion trends has never been easier.

Chevron dresses

Accessorising Your On Trend Chevron Dress – Spring 2015 Fashion

One of the big looks of the past few seasons has been the use of chevron prints, and this is set to continue through the upcoming spring 2015 season, if the designer fashion shows are anything to go by! The chevron print can be worn in a number of ways, for example in a bold two colour design that forms one large set of chevrons on a skirt, dress or top, drawing the eye downwards and creating the illusion of a leaner, taller shape, or smaller chevrons forming a kind of zig zag pattern that makes a more flattering and interesting alternative to horizontal stripes.

Chevron dresses

Photo by Maegan Tintari

Chevron dresses are going to be in all the stores for spring 2015, so whatever your style or size, you can find one in a cut and colour that suits your body and your taste. From chevron maxis in fun, contrasting colours that give an almost retro look, through to bold black and white chevrons in short, tunic styles, there is going to be the perfect chevron dress for you out there this spring, so once you’ve found it, all you need to do is style it with the perfect accessories!

Watches and Jewellery

As a fairly bold print, the chevron looks best when worn with accessories that are not too ornate. Watches should be chosen with plain metal or leather straps, and minimalist faces – this always looks better with geometric prints, and the chevron is no exception. For jewellery, stay away from things with lots of fuss and dangly charms, instead opting for chunky pieces in materials that complement the colours of your dress. Consider silver metals with black and white, or plastic in black, white or a bold accent colour. With richer multi-coloured chevron dresses, wood and leather can look good, but again, go for simple shapes and chunky pieces rather than anything fine or elaborate in its design.


Shoes should also be kept plain, letting the chevron do all the work as far as pattern goes on your outfit. The style of shoe really depends on the cut of dress and the occasion – maxi chevron dresses can be worn with flip flops or less delicate sandals for day, then dressed up with wedges or kitten heels for night. Short chevron dresses will always look great with classic heels, but can also look good with ankle boots or ballet flats.


The boldness of a chevron print dwarfs small, dainty bags, so this is the time to bring out that statement oversized bag, or go with a blocky clutch with a bold, chunky buckle for evening.

Accessorizing this spring’s stylish dresses is actually very simple as long as you keep in mind that this kind of angular, striking pattern is not a good match for anything delicate or elaborate. Keep accessories on the large side and bold and simple in design, and you can’t really go wrong when you are styling your favourite spring 2015 chevron dress.

Home Depot Coupons, a personal comrade

A common desire is to get home depot coupons featuring promotional code. It has many advantages and the usual fact of attraction of saving money. In this process you also learn to budget and plan your finances and to be decisive.

The advantage is known to all that using the discounts offered through the coupons means spend less money. A 15% discount on any product selling for $500 meant saving $75. The other advantage is of making decisions come fast and this is due to the temporary availability of coupons. It also teaches to handle a tricky situation in less time and the expiry of the coupon dates indicates finishing the job. In this way, learning budget preparation and how to do without much effort is known by using coupons and its promotional codes.

There are many places to purchase tools and equipments for home and garden. Yet, none match the prowess of home depot coupons. The retailer includes large locations in thousands of numbers and there is a wealth of options for the homeowner to fix their home. These coupons work as a personal friend.

Home depot has several exclusive brands that are ideal for daily basis for construction contractors. There are best brands such as legacy Doors, American Craftsman and G.E. Water heaters. The company offers rain gutters, plumbing, low priced lumbers of major brands at a fraction of the cost. This helps big construction contractors and also small suppliers, besides individual requirements.

Home Deopt is filled with tools and equipments; in fact it is a full store. It has many locations equipped with rental equipments and propane filling stations. Contractors are given extra generators and trucks at low cost facilitating easy access. Contractors may borrow a truck to haul supplies for a day at affordable cost and it features easy to use. This facility and services may not be available with other stores. Moreover, the company is also extending the brand by providing fuel centers facilitating full size pick-ups to avail gas, thereby avoiding the need to travel far to get fuel.

Home depot is a popular store for home fix up, home repair and for various appliances. In fact, they seem to be coming up everywhere and are the perfect selection when it comes to flooring and mowers or lawn care products.

Getting a coupon from Home Depot means you can spend money and get a good deal. It is beneficial to get a free home depot coupon or a gift card. There is one thing to be certain are to deal at Home Depot with their coupons on a regular basis. Nevertheless, do not miss to read the terms and conditions, even if it a free gift card received.

Affordable stylish timepieces with Nixon Watches

Nixon_WatchesIf you’re looking for a remarkable fashion watch that has also been made with precision components, durable materials and at a reasonable price then there is only really one brand that fits the bill and that is Nixon.

Over the last 16 years since their humble beginnings in Encinitas, California, Nixon has been custom designing and manufacturing premium fashion watches, originally aimed at action sports enthusiasts like skaters, snowboard riders and surfers they have now branched into every aspect of fashion styles and trends.  Nixon has also enjoyed success in 25 countries around the world attributed to their incredible designs and their expansion into accessories like their bestselling Nixon headphones.

You can see why Nixon Watches are so successful when you look at their extensive collections, in particular the bestselling Nixon Vega Womens Watches have a fashionable style that will suit any occasion by merging the timepiece with a watch band making it look like a piece of jewellery and with water resistance, toughened mineral glass and available in enough different colours to please everyone.  Other models include the classic merged with contemporary designs of the Nixon Private and Canon Watches and the Nixon Rocker Watch which has been styled specifically for musicians and music fans so no matter what your personal tastes and styles, odds are you’ll find a Nixon watch that’s right for you.

Each Nixon Watch is made with the highest quality materials so you can rely on their durability to last you a long time and as they have been made with Swiss precision movement you won’t lose a second.  On average you can expect up to 30 metres water resistance as well so while you can’t go swimming while wearing them, any unexpected downpour won’t ruin the mechanisms, but whichever Nixon timepiece you choose you are guaranteed to have the most stylish watch you will ever own and you can get them now from Blackleaf.