These Celebrities can Afford Limitless Supplies of Their Own Watch

When you think about it, trying to comprehend the lifestyles of celebrities is difficult. The average person will never quite understand the feeling of always being in the public eye, with every move they make being scrutinised.

There’s also another aspect of the celebrity lifestyle that is tough to grasp: the wealth they have. While this varies from person to person, of course, the average celebrity earns significantly more than the average wage.

Splurging on Watches

Yet there are also certain celebrities, those that are billionaires, who boast a bank balance that virtually nobody has ever experienced. With this type of unprecedented wealth, billionaires are not restricted in purchasing, well, anything.

However, some remain conservative when splashing the cash. This is evident by the timepieces the following billionaires have. Using research from Online Casino Betway, here are three celebrities who can afford limitless supplies of their own watch.

Jeff Bezos

If you haven’t heard already, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. After starting Amazon in the 1990s to sell books over the internet, he has transformed the company into the world’s largest online retailer. Almost everyone with the capability to purchase goods on the World Wide Web has used Amazon, which has contributed to Bezos’ reported net worth of £112 billion.

With that type of money, Bezos could afford any watch that he wanted. For example, the most expensive watch of all time, the Grandmaster Chime by Patek Philippe, only went for £23,722,177. That’s not even 0.025% of his wealth.

Instead, he has plumped for a relatively modest wristwatch. Bezos is known to wear an UlysseNardinDual Time, which has a price tag of £9,670.16. While this is beyond the means of the average person, it’s barely a drop in the ocean for Bezos. In fact, he could theoretically afford to purchase the watch a further 11,582,018 times.

Bill Gates

If you thought that 11.5 million was the biggest example you’d see, think again. Although he was usurped by Bezos as the richest person in the world, Microsoft kingpin Bill Gates is on a different level in terms of how many duplicates he could buy of his own watch.

This is due to the watch he wears. When it comes to modest wristwear, no billionaire can come close to Gates – unless they opt against wearing a watch altogether. So which watch does he have? Well, it’s only a Casio Duro, which can be picked up for £52.

That’s right: fifty-two pounds.

To do the same comparison as Bezos, Gates could purchase the watch a further 1,642,071,346 times. This means he could give every person in Europe two complimentary Casio Duro’s.

Jes Staley

Okay, he’s not as famous as the other two. His personal wealth also pales in comparison to Bezos and Gates. Yet Jes Staley, the CEO of Barclays, is another example of someone that could purchase an excessive amount of their own watch. Staley currently wears a Luminor Marina by Panerai. This timepiece has a mid-range price tag of £3,448.35. This means Staley could buy his watch a further 534,892 times.

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