Why the chronograph watch is popular

Watches are one of themost popular clothing accessories world over. They are worn by both men andwomen, contrary to a historical past where they were only popular with men.

There are many watchdesigners and manufacturers from different parts of the world. As such, watchesare available in different prices, makes, colors, and the number of straps onecan buy.

About Vintage, is one of the upcoming contemporary watch manufacturers. They have a range of watches that are increasing becoming more and more popular as more people come to know about them.

This is why more andmore people are buying About Vintage watches.

Great design

In the world we are living in, how we look matters a whole lot. That is why fake social media accounts are so popular. Here, you can portray a life you wish to live as if you are living it now.

About Vintage are first and foremost quite keen on how their watch looks. As a result, they carry out lots of research with their potential customers. As a result, they produce watches that their customers aspire to and are designed in an appealing and beautiful style.

Great branding

As their name suggests,About Vintage produces watches that are based on history. To bring this out,they name and their watch collections based on historical times and events.

For example, their 1844chronograph watch collection is one of their most popular.It is innovative in its design and a highly practical watch. It comes in abeautiful box and an easy to engrave casing. Further, owners can buy extrastraps to match their watches to their outfits or surroundings.

Great pricing

For their great design,About Vintages watches are available at fairly affordable prices. The watchesare booked before they are produced and clients pay in advance. Once they areproduced, they are then shipped to them.

Each of theircollection is sold out based on the pricing and design of the watch, and, mostimportantly, the vintage story behind it.

Easy to wear

The chronograph watchis designed and built with light weight material. As such, it is quite lightwhile on your hand and it will not tire its wearer.

Features of the chronograph watch from About Vintage

Interchangeable straps

When you buy thiswatch, it comes with two pairs of straps. However, you can easily and quicklybuy more straps to change as frequently as possible.

The straps areavailable in lots of colors and you can buy as many as you like. Further, theprocess of changing straps is quite easy and fast. Click a button on the watchand the strap opens ready for replacement. Fasten the new strap and you areready to go.


The chronograph watchhas a single solid color. The most popular is the white dial watch. The whitebackground is coupled with black steel hands and dots for an easier and fasterway to tell time on the watch.

Other available dialcolors for their watches are green, black, blue and navy blue.

Packaging box

About Vintage designsbeautiful wooden boxes to pack their watches in. They are beautifully designedand crafted to appeal to the eyes and to conceal and protect the valuablewatch.

With this box, thechronograph watch becomes a beautiful gift that you can give. It will be gladlyaccepted and graciously accepted.

Water proof

This watch has beencompletely tested and found to be water-proof. You can therefore swim in it andeven use it for competitions.

Further, it comes witha two-year warranty against any defects.


A chronograph watch isone of the most beautiful watches that one can wear. About Vintage is a youngand creative watch manufacturer with unique design skills that produce quitebeautiful watches.Withits unique features and beautiful design, you will never go wrong with the 1844chronograph watch from About Vintage.

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