Tips For Finding A Reputable Jeweler Near You

You may receive an antique piece of jewelry from your old folks and think that it is not valuable. Well, do not keep it away as you might be the proud owner of a valuable piece after the antique piece goes through some repair. While jewelry stores are increasing in number with each passing day, the good ones are farfetched, and you should not gamble on who you take your pieces to. It is undeniable that it can be overwhelming for you when you try to find a reputable store for jewelry repairs and appraisal bit with the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be all set to find one.

Ask For Referrals

People needing the services of a professional jeweler and asking around can give you a few hints of where to go for jewelry repairs. Ask your family members, colleagues, and neighbors about any good jewelry store in your area. If possible, ask them to tell you more about a particular jeweler in your area and how their services are. Asking around is a great way of getting to know the other side of a jeweler that they won’t tell you but you only get to experience when you seek their services. At the end of it all, you will be sure to have one or two jewelry stores that have been spoken highly of by your close acquaintances, and you should consider going to such stores as opposed to the ones that get discredited consistently.

Search The Web

In this digital age, the internet has made our lives very easy, and by just searching for the jewelers near you on the web, you will get a long list of options to begin your search from. Go to the website and see if there are any registered jewelry stores near you. The biggest challenge you will encounter will be to narrow down from the list of potential jewelers to the few who can do the repairs and appraisals in the right way. While taking note of these stores, make a point of going on their websites and try to see what they are all about. The first impression that you get when you land on their site will tell you a lot about what they have in store.

Customer Reviews

The number of jewelry stores is increasing, and all these entities try to use the most enticing words and marketing statements to attract customers. You should understand that most of what they claim is not right and set out on your quest for the truth. A good way of finding out whether their services are reliable or not is by checking the customer reviews from their previous clients. Most websites have a testimonial part on their site, but some of them are becoming witty and will try to remove the negative reviews and leave the positive ones that praise them. Luckily, some independent review websites allow clients to give honest reviews of particular businesses and here is where you can get accurate information. You could also go on social media and check what people have to say about them. Reviews are a powerful source of information that will guide you in your quest for a reputable jeweler, and you should take your time when going through them since they can give you an idea of who to go to straightaway.


Some set laws govern the way jewelers are supposed to operate, and you need to find one that is licensed by the authorities to offer people repair and appraisal services. Aside from the usual authorities that permit all kinds of businesses, jeweler stores have to be approved by specific boards. This approval is subject to some rigorous evaluation of how they offer their services and whether they meet the set standards. Finding a licensed jeweler store is one step forward since you are assured that the store in question has met the minimum standards required for them to repair your jewels legally. Avoid the unlicensed ones as they are not recognized by any authorities and may shortchange you and leave you with no place to cry foul.

Services Offered

It is vital to check the services offered by a jewelry store before selecting them for your appraisal and repairs. It is hectic going to one jewelry store for your engagement ring repair and then start looking for another one to do an appraisal of an antique diamond piece you have. A reputable jewelry store should be your one stop shop for all your needs and have the experts required to perform these tasks. Such a store should have a wide variety of pieces on sale, offer repair services, replacements and even buy jewelry among other services.


While new jewelry stores with amazing services are emerging with each passing day, it is vital to look into the number of years a store has been existing before going to them. Your antique diamond piece given to you by your old folks is valuable, and you should not risk leaving it to the inexperienced people to repair it. Such people are left to deal with the less sophisticated repairs on less valuable pieces as they gain experience. Stores that have been serving an area for a long time are your best option since they have experienced experts who have been repairing jewels for an extended time. These experts are well poised to give an accurate appraisal of your jewelry piece owing to their knowledge of such pieces based on their years of service.

The tips mentioned above are very useful when trying to find a reputable jewelry repair in dayton ohio  for repairs and appraisal near you. The points are the thresholds that will eliminate the unsuitable jewelers and leave you with the best in your area. Keep in mind that jewelry pieces are precious and cases of people being shortchanged in illegitimate jewelry stores are common. Do not fall victim to such and ensure that your valuable piece gets repaired by the best.

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