How to Buy that Perfect Watch for Her

A watch is one of the most elegant gifts that you can give to people, but selecting the perfect one is not an easy job, especially if it’s for someone special. There are so many excellent brands out there and they are releasing new line-ups every year, making things even more confusing for the average customer. On that note, take a look at these few tips which will help you in sorting your way through all the confusion and towards that perfect watch for her.

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What is Her Dominant Lifestyle?

All of us wear different outfits and do different things, depending on the hour of the day, so it would be wrong to assume that just because she is sporty, she won’t wear a gown to an evening party, or because she is fashion conscious, she doesn’t go hiking. Having said that, knowing what her dominant lifestyle is will help you in your decision because you will know what will appeal to her more in any style. Check out the following guidelines for reference:

  • Dress Watch – Formal occasions and professional corporate environments
  • Designer/Fashion Watch – Formal/semi-formal social gatherings
  • Casual Watch – Anywhere, as long as it’s not a formal event
  • Sport Watch – Physical activities of any kind
  • Smartwatch – Depending on the model, it could be perfect for sports and casual meets

Match It with Her

Her wardrobe will change with time, so it’s her personality, skin tone, hair color, eye color, build, height and general aura that you should try to match or compliment. As a rule, you should buy smaller dials with thinner wristbands for shorter and slimmer women and exactly the opposite of that if the woman in question is tall or a few pounds on the heavier side. This might seem complicated, but it actually isn’t because you will know which one would be perfect once you see it while keeping these considerations in mind.

Match It with Her Wardrobe

It’s true that wardrobes change, but if you really want to make it perfect, try to find something that matches and compliments one of her favorite dresses impeccably. Better yet, you can just buy a dress for her that matches the watch you just bought! For example, if you are going to buy a designer watch from LUPAI Watches, you better make sure that she has a dress to wear with that marvelous timepiece.

The Dial Size

Traditionally, women used to wear watches with tiny dials, but times have changed and some women’s watches these days have dials just as big as that of a gent’s watch, or even bigger in some models. Once again, you need to consider the recipient’s physical stature and personal taste; would she like an oversized dial or is she the classic lady who prefers her watch dials to be in between small and medium?

Now that you know how and what to look for, it’s time to get started on your watch-hunt. The gesture of giving a gift itself is more important than the actual gift, but since you are making that gesture, let’s make sure that she remembers it.

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