How To Ship Your Goods to Germany

Whether you are a business looking to trade in Germany or simply wish to ship your belongings to Germany for the purpose of relocation, transporting goods of any size can be tricky and can be particularly more so if the items you need to ship are larger in size and need to be handled in a specific way. If you need to send your goods to Germany, then you can either try to organise to move them yourself or look into a company to help you out with the entire process. We are here to show you how easy it is to move your goods overseas, regardless of your individual requirements.

Tailor Your Shipment

The whole process of sending goods outside of the UK can be daunting for anyone. The process involves paperwork and having to deal with the regulations that come with trading overseas. If you would prefer to let an international freight forwarding company to help you with shipping to Germanyyou will be able to significantly reduce the stress associated with processing the goods and organising their every step in the shipment process. If you require your goods to be taken from door to door, a freight forwarder can be the best choice of transportation. No matter which company you choose, be sure to do your research and find the best possible package and quote for your needs. If you do want to manage the shipment of your goods yourself, be sure to seek advice with how to do so, particularly if you haven’t done so before.


One of the ways in which you can ship your goods to Germany is through using vehicles such as trucks or vans. This process is generally ideal for those needing to get their goods taken from door to door and better for shorter haul shipping solutions. In the UK it is ideal to use land shipment to get goods to European countries and is ideal for taking goods to Germany. The main limitations of this service is that it is limited as to how much can be taken at one time.


Many businesses rely on shipment by sea as it is an efficient form of transporting larger amounts of goods. Sea shipment is typically considered to be inexpensive but it does mean that goods can take longer to arrive in comparison to other modes of transport, depending on where they are being taken. When it comes to shipping to Germany by sea, the process is sure to be relatively quick and painless, however. It is also fairly economically friendly, which is something to consider if you are passionate about the effect you have on the environment.


Many argue that air shipment is the fastest way to transport goods abroad. The high speed process means that your goods can be taken from one place to another easily and, for the most part, at an affordable cost. When it comes to the safety aspect of shipment, air travel can be beneficial as it is relatively free from physical barriers. If you are looking to send light and perishable goods, air travel is bound to be the ideal solution for you.

Consider Time

No matter where in Germany you are looking to ship your goods, considering your desired time frame for doing so is very important before you look at booking your shipment service. Some freight forwarding companies can get your goods delivered the next day and while this may cost more, it can be quickest solution if you need the job done quickly and efficiently. Alternatively consider the route you take when shipping as each of the aforementioned methods of transport have their own time restrictions and are prone to having to deal with problems- such as road accidents if you choose to ship by land or weather restrictions if you want to ship by air.

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