Which country does the best chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the enjoyably treats in the world. Even the name itself waters the mouth and probably only a small majority in the world are not fond of chocolate. It is arguably the best gift a person can give to anyone irrespective to the relationship or the age. Apart from the good taste, it might come as a surprise that some chocolate actually has its advantages- dark chocolate apparently helps you live longer and look younger, chocolate helps prevent acne but that’s all debatable. Nonetheless, chocolate is clearly infectious and it is made all across Europe but the question is… what countries makes the best chocolate? Let’s have a look:


Belgium is very popular and has a prestige reputation for chocolate and for a good reason- there are over 2,000 chocolatiers’ across the country, many of which still produce their chocolate by hand. Since 1884, Belgian Chocolate has been regulated to contain at least 35% pure cocoa and vegetable fats are strictly forbidden. It is these high standards and commitment to artisan and unique techniques that makes Belgian chocolate arguably the best in the entire world.


Switzerland is the home of chocolate as we know it today. Some believe its Belgium but in fact it’s actually the Swiss. When chocolate first reached Europe, it was actually served as a frothy drink and any attempts to solidify this were unsuccessful. However Switzerland was the country where this changed, Daniel Peter developed the first milk chocolate recipe using condensed milk and the rest was history. The Swiss are known for their Lindt chocolate which is hugely popular within the world and can be the main competition with the Belgians.


When you hear of Denmark, you might not regard it as the tenth famous country for producing the best kinds of Chocolate. Denmark is in fact is among the largest countries in the world that produces chocolate. The average Dane consumes a whopping 8.57 kilograms of chocolate a year and the country has given us some of the most loved popular brands such as Bounty, Snickers, Mars and Twix.

United Kingdom

One of the largest producers of chocolate, the UK is primarily known for their organic chocolate. Apparently they are the first country in the world that produced organic chocolate which is a rather impressive feat. Christopher Columbus was the person who brought the cocoa beans needed for the production of chocolate in this country and the UK most well-known chocolate is Cadburys


French chocolates will surely leave you tempted if you try one of them. The liquor filled French chocolates are one of the amazing chocolates one must try. France is more importantly famous for the dark chocolates.

If you’re tempted to visit any of these countries to enjoy the succulent taste of these chocolates, then make sure you have a e111 card to cover any medical requirements that you may occur on your travels across Europe, allowing you to eat these divine chocolates stress free.

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