How To Properly Decorate Your Office

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Running a business is no easy task but it brings with it big rewards. Whether you’re setting up a new business from home or if you’re at the head of a big corporation, it is important to have a comfortable office environment with all the necessary resources in order for you and any employees to flourish and get the best work done. A comfortable office will provide the best environment for a productive working day, and here are some of the best ways to decorate yours.


With the average working day spanning eight hours per day, roughly 37 hours per week, that means a lot of time spent sat at a desk. Over time this can lead to a number of serious health problems especially in the back and lumber areas. That is why it is important to have the best quality furniture that offers back support and can prevent any long term problems. Rapid Office Systems are experienced office furniture suppliers in London and can help advise on the best furniture for you needs.


Most offices have white walls, how dull. Scientifically it has been proven that there are a vast array of colours naturally suited to the working environment and can maximise overall productivity. First of all, green and blue, two of the most natural colours around, are fantastic for improving energy and focus. They also organically promote a happier mood. Yellow is also a strong colour to opt for, although it is mellow, it is also fresh, energetic and is especially best in a creative environment that might house writers, designers and developers, for example. Red is quite an alarming colour, and should be avoided except for instances that require attention to be drawn to it.


Another important factor to any office is what kind of flooring you will have. In many cases, some people will only ever consider wooden or laminate flooring, which is understandable as it is the most resistant and doesn’t attract the static from electrical items. With most offices chairs being on wheels, hard floors offer the best environment for them, as carpets can provide too much resistance. On the other hand, carpets can provide more of a homely feel, which might be just what is required in certain environments.


Not the operating software in this instance, but with all the time spent working indoors, it is important to have access to daylight. As human beings, time spent inside isn’t natural but we have to adapt to the requirements of modern life, which means of course, spending a lot of time indoors. Where possible, sit next to a window in your office as the exposure to natural daylight could practically double your alertness, which can only be a good thing for undertaking work relating tasks. There are also further health benefits such as raising our mood and regulating our body clocks which enables us to get better quality sleep every night.

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