3 Tips for Giving Time Pieces as Gifts

Buying a watch as a gift without much experience in the field can be a daunting task. There are many obstacles and choices in your purchase such as the durability, how the watch runs, and which type of strap to use. When choosing a watch, be aware of these following rules and guidelines to pick the best possible options.

Recognizing Price and Watch Movement

Watch prices are boiled down to the types of material used, the reputation of the brand, and how long the watch took to test and manufacture. There are two main movement types when it comes to watches: quarts and mechanical. You can tell these two movements apart by the second hand movement. On a mechanical watch the second hand will move in a sweeping motion, while on a quartz watch the second hand will move in individual ticks.

Automatic movements have become one of the most sought after mechanical watches because they can recharge while the user is wearing them thanks to a metal weight in the watched called a rotor. The rotor spins, transferring energy and automatically winding the mainspring. These watches tend to be better designed, made out of valuable material, and are the watch of choice for high-end brands.

Strap and Sizes

Wrist sizes come in a variety just as any other part of the human body. The standard case size has a diameter between 36 – 42mm. Thin, smaller wrists should lean towards the 34 – 38 mm mark while larger, rugged wrists should lean towards the higher end of the bracket. The thickness of the watch case will also affect how the watch looks and sits on the user. A watch with a 10 – 15 mm thickness will place better under a cuff or a long-sleeved shirt than one that is thicker.

The material of the strap is just as important as the size. Metal bands look great on chunky watches, while leather is better for a dressy piece. Standard strap sizes come between 10 – 22mm and are easily accessible to purchase anywhere. The price of the strap goes up if the strap is a unique size and has to be specially made or purchased.

Consider the Style

Work and play are two different aspects of life. Dress watches should be something classic and long lasting, while sporty watches are good for everyday use since they tend to be less expensive and aren’t quite a hit to your wallet if they are damaged or lost. ukweddingsavings.co.uk suggests thata causal or sporty watch is perfect for your night out while something classier is great to take to a wedding or a job interview.

Try color coordinating the watch with other clothing and accessories. If the watch has a brown strap, the wearer can pair it with a brown belt and black shoes. If your watch has gold tones, pair it with a belt that has gold in the buckle. Choose something that fits both the person’s sense of lifestyle and style.

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