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Explore Romantic French Style

When you think about a French lifestyle, you probably think about quaint little sidewalk cafes, glamorous fashions, and beautiful rural farm houses. Whatever you imagine, you’re likely to imagine romantic style that’s synonymous with French design.

The French have a knack for a design style that mixes old world charm with contemporary flair. It’s quite common to see a French home filled with beautiful antiques that are blended effortlessly with bold modern accessories. Although this may seem like an odd pairing of styles, the French make it work with stunning style that’s elegant, as well as comfortable and inviting.

French interiors use a great deal of layering that mixes formal and casual styles. It’s not unusual to find a formal Louis IV settee sitting next to a modern glass table. You may find an exquisite, 18th century antique floor clock placed next to a stack of books piled high on the floor, or a rustic farmhouse dining table topped with elegant French placemats and napkins. The French are great at combining beautiful decorative pieces and everyday practical items with ease. You can create romantic French style by adding a few simple touches to your home:

* French Colors – Add touches of gold, yellow and blue for an authentic French palette. You can choose bold shades like sunflower and navy that add drama or soft shades like cream and French blue that emphasize romantic ambiance.

* Soft Textures – Add upholstery in velvet, chenille and silk for a formal, yet comfortable and inviting style. If you like a more casual interior, consider the crisp, cool look of linen. If you need practicality, slipcovers are the perfect solution.

* Mirrors – Add depth and light to a space with beautiful mirrors that reflect romantic style. Round, arched, and sunburst mirrors come in beautiful frames with unique detailing. Old mercury glass mirrors emphasize antique elegance and romantic style.

The graceful, curved lines of French antiques add beauty and elegance to any room. If you’re decorating on a budget, you can often find wonderful vintage items at flea markets and thrift shops that are less expensive than authentic antiques. If pieces are the right style but the wrong color, refinish or reupholster them to make them work in your interior. If you find a lovely, down French sofa with the wrong upholstery, reupholster it in a plush chenille or velvet or cover it with a linen slipcover. Instead of discarding an old French piece, bring it back to life and create a romantic French atmosphere.

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