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Solutions to Five Fashion Dilemmas of Big and Tall Men

Finding big and tall men’s clothing can be quite a challenge. When you go to a department store, there are only very few choices for supersized guys like us. If you need to buy a suit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that fits you! This is why a lot of us have no choice but to get our clothes custom-made.

If you’re looking for help finding clothes that fit you without sacrificing your appearance and fashion sense, here are some tips you can use:

Finding a Jacket That Fits

Many supersized men complain that their jackets don’t fit in the shoulders. This could be because most tall guys aren’t necessarily big, while most big guys aren’t necessarily tall. As a result, it throws off the jacket’s fit. What you can do is to check first if the seam sits exactly on top of your shoulders, and not pulling tight across the back or drooping to the arms.

Another common challenge for guys like us is a jacket that seems a bit tight around the mid-section. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to fit your jacket properly before deciding to buy it. When you’re in the fitting room, make sure you don’t see any visual cues of a bad fit – such as pulling at the waist, back, chest or underarm. If such signs are evident, get the next size.

Incorrect Length of Pants

Here are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to pant length. Your pants should touch the top of your shoe if you’re going for a classic look. For a modern look, the length should be shorter. And make sure you’re wearing dark socks (preferably black) to tie your look together.

Untucked Shirts

Big and tall men often complain that their shirt always get untucked as they go through their day. This could be because of their large torsos. When they sit or reach for an item above their head, their shirttails come untucked. To avoid this, you need to make sure your shirt reaches your mid-boxer (thigh). This should give you enough flexibility to move around without worrying that your shirt comes undone.

Vest Fit

A lot of guys (not just big and tall ones) are not exactly sure about the proper fit of a vest. Here’s a takeaway – it needs to look and feel comfortable. So don’t get one that is very tight you can hardly move in it or one that’s too loose it looks like an apron over your clothes. Another check point is if your shirt is sticking out between the bottom of your vest and your belt, it means it’s too short. Your vest should be able to cover your waistband completely.

Right Length of Sleeves

When shopping for shirts at the regular mens’ size section, you’ll only see clothes that are designed for average sized men. Even shirts with XL labels have average proportions so as a result, you either get sleeves that are too short or too long for you even if the rest of the dimensions are OK. You’ll know if the sleeves’ length is perfect if it hits the base of your wrist. For jackets, it should end a half-inch above the wrist bone.

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