5 Ways to Make Your Christmas a Trendy Affair

This holiday season, despite being the time for joy and kindness and all things of good character, the holiday sheepishly inches towards the more material importance of fashion and good looks. Essentially, the need to stay on top of the game in all things fashion must be of utmost importance. However, the fashion police can be accommodating of those occupied by worries graver than the everyday ensemble question.


Hence, in a time of requirement and excitement, CBazaar comes to your rescue with 5 interesting ways to make your Christmas a Trendy Affair.

  1. Stylishly Beautiful- In the world of fashion, there is one constant thought which is that, less is more! The beauty of simplicity is more often underestimated than not. A delicate tunic with accents of embroidery or slightly heavier embellishments should make for a perfectChristmas Tunic. From royal silks and georgettes to more current satins and crepes, CBazaar brings to you a whole variety to choose from.
  1. Puffs and Frills- For those who effortlessly romance the drama of laces and frills, Christmas Frocks may bring to you the required fashionable cheer for the season. A formula of velvets, silks, laces and frills entwined together with the grace of simplicity and the rush of grandeur, CBazaar offers a versatile range for an array of tastes and preferences. If frocks aren’t really your thing then, an elaborate crop-top paired with a simple and delicate skirt of preferred length should do the trick.
  1. Stitches and Drapes- The versatilityof fabric remains unmatched despite the evolution of fashion over the years. Fabric of a certain length can be draped not just as a saree but can also compliment a skirt or a lehenga. It can also be draped interestingly over a pair of leggings or tights. Some elegant silk or chiffon fabric or even a saree, a nice pair of leggingsand a matching belt and you’re good to go!
  1. A Traditional Christmas- If you have ever wanted to see yourself in an Indian inspired outfit, then this Christmas season is the time for you to dare to experiment. Be brave and fearlessly plunge into the world of extravagance for one can never sparkle too much in the holidays. CBazaar brings to you a whole range of Christmas Sarees and Christmas Lehengasarees.If you are one to play it safe yet wants a change, a flowing skirt, an interesting crop-top or blouse with some matching fabric could do the trick however, keep in mind that getting out of your comfort zone once in a while is good for the soul.
  1. Tomboy Christmas- Do you find frills, and laces a bit too over the top? Do you look down upon glitter and grandeur? That is completely alright. A nice short-top, kurta or an interesting shirt, put together with a pair of jeggings, ripped jeans or a pair of palazzos should work efficiently.


Always remember that clothing is fashionable only as long as you are confident in it.Keep in mind body type, comfort and never forget that understatements are the biggest understatements in fashion. Happy holidays!

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