Choose the perfect fashion ring for your finger

Fashion rings have become very popular amongst women of all age group in the present world. As women are very particular about their style and taste, they prefer to choose a design that will match with their personality. A fashion ring has different materials such as base metals, synthetic stones, ivory, shells, polymer clay, glass beads and plastic. If you are finding it difficult to pick up an exclusive design, then you need to shop around in order to get the right fashion ring.
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nato watch

Choosing a Fashionable NATO Watch Strap

Watch straps have evolved from traditional metal bands to the many diffrent trendy and fashionable woven cloth and leather straps that are available on the market today. Many watches these days are designed so the owner can easily change the strap, whenever the mood suits. This means consumers have a wide range of options, regardless of which brand of watch they own. The NATO watch strap is a unique option that was originally designed in 1973 for members of the British military. Back then, it was called the G10, but today’s versions of this classic strap are available for an affordable price at www.clockworksynergy.com. This heavy-duty strap is available in multiple colors and made of lightweight nylon and durable ballistic nylon. You can also find NATO straps made of refined or rustic leather.
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Ronald Winston: A Steady Hand and a Broad Mind

Like his father and grandfather before him, Ronald Winston began his life in the jewelry trade, something reflected in the fact that, aged nearly 70, he was still personally approving the cuts and designs of every piece of jewelry created in the famous Fifth Avenue workshop and salon opened by his father in 1960. With a lifelong apprenticeship at the feet of the world’s single most famous jeweler, he could hardly have ended up doing anything else.
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