Full grown Ladies

Design Tips for Full grown Ladies

As ladies develop, it’s a test to make sense of how to seem sharp without appearing as though you are attempting to recover lost youth. Ladies can be in vogue without taking after the most recent crazes that may not be suitable for full grown ladies watch pawn . Ladies’ design has advanced during that time so it permits full grown ladies to add to their own particular style with regards to apparel, cosmetics, and haircuts that compliment them.
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Style Without Sacrificing Sustainability


Joining the growing trend for sustainability gets easier by the day with such a wide array of products to choose from. But not every one of these products is made with your unique sense of style in mind. It can be difficult at times to find the right product that portrays both your love for sustainable living and which is also in line with your distinct sense of style at the same time. Thankfully, there is a great product that keeps up with modern style while using only the best sustainability practices and materials. If you have been looking for the right product that offers these qualities without sacrificing functionality, WeWood wood watches are for you. Transforming reclaimed, scrap lumber into stunning, unique time pieces has redefined what is possible using sustainable materials.

For a relatively new company, WeWood has become accustomed to media attention. When you offer such a unique product it’s no surprise. From a constant stream of A-list celebrities to being featured in some top publications such as GQ and Cosmopolitan, sporting a WeWood watch puts you at the very forefront of style while at the same time showing others your passion for sustainability. From classy to outdoorsy, chic enough for a night out on the town and durable enough for the handyman to sport while working, any situation will be suitable to don your one of a kind, wooden watch.

WeWood understands that coordinating your accessories to your outfits is important. This is the reason that by means of sourcing a wide variety of wood from around the globe, we are able to offer different shades, colors, and styles to suit any taste. The subtle greens and browns of Verawood from South America. The bold blackness of African Blackwood from the dry savannas of central Africa. The sultry blonde colored maple. The sensual chocolate of Indian Rosewood. The gleaming golden brown of Tasmanian Blackwood. The cool caramel of Teak. These are some of the flavors to be had with some pieces utilizing a carefully adapted combination of colors. With such a wide array of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right watch for any outfit and for any occasion.

Not only are the watches themselves made by sustainable materials, by purchasing one of our watches you are contributing to our global reforestation initiative. For every watch that WeWood sells, we plant a tree in one of 30 reforestation projects around the world. These projects in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia are backed by some of the largest international organizations focused on reforestation in the world. From forest fires, blowdown, and other such natural disasters, WeWood has worked closely with its partners to reforest areas of the world that have been severely damaged. With over 400,000 trees planted around the world by WeWood and counting, contributing to a more sustainable world while keeping up with the latest fashion trends has never been easier.

Losing 45 lbs in six months – a case study

Hi, my name is Steve, and I am overweight. And I am proud to say that I’m overweight, as six months ago I was on the brink of being classified as a morbidly obese guy. With a BMI of 38.3, I was easier to jump over than to walk around. Genetics was one of the factors to blame, but not the only one – although I come from a family where obesity is hereditary, it was not the only culprit. My sedentary lifestyle and my love for sweets was the main issue here. And when I found myself panting hard when climbing the stairs to get home, I knew something had to be done.

I’ve changed quite a few things in my life ever since, and the results have started to show.

First of all, I altered my daily diet and excluded two of the most abundant sources of carbs – sweets and bread (plus anything pastry). I also try to avoid eating after 6 o’clock. Sometimes I get hungry, though – in such cases I only eat fruit. I’ve not abandoned pasta, rice and potatoes, though. After reading a lot of articles about diets and weight loss, I didn’t want to rush things – my goal was to lose weight gradually and to avoid any ill effects it might have on my health.

But eating less carbs is far from being enough to lose weight. I’m not a person to go for a jog, so I chose the next best thing – biking to the gym each morning. Biking serves as a perfect warm-up to get my blood pumping in the morning. I also spend one hour at the gym each morning, lifting weights and stretching my muscles.

The result: in just six months I’ve lost 45 pounds without having to starve and without killing myself with training and effort. Besides, I sleep better, and generally feel better about myself. My BMI is now 31.8 – still not ideal, but I have all the time in the world to improve it.

Aside from eating less and moving more, there is another important change I made in my everyday life: I now dedicate a part of my day to relaxation. Mens sana in corpore sano, the ancient saying goes – but the reverse is also true: for a healthy body you need a healthy mind. And, as I am an active guy (I know, this sounds like a contradiction) I don’t just stargaze or meditate. Instead I like keeping my mind occupied and my body relaxed.

This spring I found a new hobby – a card game I like to play online. It’s called Blackjack, and it is among the most entertaining games I’ve ever played. When “game time” comes, I put the work aside for the day and head to the Royal Vegas online casino for my daily dose of cards. It’s easy to get started as a player at the Royal Vegas. Basically Royal Vegas is a real money gaming portal, but you can also play their games free of charge, for the fun of it. Blackjack is the perfect combination of skill and luck, allowing me to keep my mind off the daily chores and focus on the game for a while. And the best part of playing games at Royal Vegas that each month I walk away with some extra cash in my pocket – enough to cover my gym subscription, and often quite a few protein bars at the side.

The moral of my story is that you have to find balance in your quest for the perfect weight. Starving yourself will never be a long term solution – it will almost certainly do more harm than good. In my case – and I know each case is different – the solution was replacing the foods that were not good for me with more healthy alternatives, and increasing my daily calorie consumption by working out and biking.

And a final tip to conclude – when you hit the gym don’t focus on growing your muscles. To grow muscles you need calorie excess in your diet. If you try to lose weight, your muscles won’t grow as fast as you would like them to – and this can be a source of frustration, which can ultimately lead to you abandoning working out as a whole. Instead of watching yourself in the mirror, better jump on the scale once a week, and be happy to see your weight gradually melting away.