Top2 fashion watch

Top 5 fashion watches

We developed a list of “top 5” with clocks set trends this season

No doubt this 2014 season is that of supplements, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and all types of accessories in different styles, sizes, colors … round and make a difference every day of our outfits.

Today we give you the keys to stay updated on the  clocks again this season takes,  to keep you up to date in this add so vital and important to our day to day … Do not miss the “top 5”  that we have developed for you …

It is true that choosing the perfect complement to every  look  we are sometimes more complicated than usual, do not want to go too ornate sin or conversely too easy depending on the occasion to which we find ourselves.

The truth is that this season are a big lucky as the theme  accessories  are concerned, since we have plenty of  styles, trends, patterns, colors, prints , and etc, where you can choose the supplement that best reflects our style.

That said, today we will focus and give an overview of the  5 models of watches in this season , starting today with the top from  1st to 5th place ranking .

We started as !!

TOP 5 WATCHES 2014 season


The  pottery  has been a revolution this season, the introduction of this material in jewelry has been a real success because  offers high hardness and high resistance to scratches , and aesthetically is super chic … these models below the signature  Festina are the example.

Top fashion watch


It is one of the  super-current trends , this stuff cornea obtained from the shell of the hawksbill turtle also called (hence the name) is very  hard, translucent , mottled and betas in  ocher and black , making them attractive. These of  Michael Kors  are beautiful …

Top4 fashion watch


If you do not already have a watch with rubber strap , do not hesitate to get one, they are one of the “must” of the moment, all large firms have many models of this material, there are different styles, casual, casual, sport, chic, maxis, flashy … models down Tommy Hilfiger .
Top3 fashion watch


Another great addition to the clock, would be the watches made ​​from aluminum , these being the lightest on the market , do not weigh practically nothing , it seems not wear them. These two models of Tous are my favorite.

Top2 fashion watch


The trend “glitz” is the most followed and most succeed between us. We can find different models and various watches with zircons, the perfect example is the following three models below of Michael kors.

Top1 fashion watch


The Many Joys Of Online Shopping


Of the numerous benefits the internet has offered us, online shopping is one of the favorites for most individuals. It provides you with the opportunity to browse through thousands of available products compare prices and receive your item at your doorstep. All the online stores offer their customers competitive prices along with regular discounts and deals. There are so many categories to chose from, clothing, electronics, jewellery, accessories, toys, home garden supplies, home appliances and so much more. The most popular categories of online shopping among the buyers today are as follows:


  • Jewellery is one of the most favourite items for the buyers to order online. There are numerous online stores that offer a wide range of jewellery items that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Online stores stock bracelets, rings, necklaces, artificial jewellery, fine jewellery and much more.
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    Home Garden
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  • Many people have started opting to buy their electronics from online stores instead of normal stores. The reason is more variety and the opportunity to compare prices and features which helps them in making a better decision.
  • There is no need to visit different electronic stores to determine the product’s prices and features. All the pricing, specifications, features and shipping details are available on these online stores. They even offer guarantee on the electronic products as well as customer services.
  • Layby also have a vast range of electronic items to browse through with reasonable rates and high quality.

From causal to formal occasion, there is something suitable for everyone at Layby jewellery. From a split trimmer to a lawn mower, layby home garden ensures you have all the gardening supplies you need. This is the biggest advantage of online shopping; you can browse through all the categories and buy whichever item you need with just a few clicks. There are no hassles of looking for a parking spot, transportation of the large items, shop’s closing timings or standing in queues. You can easily get you selected item at your door step after comparing prices and browsing through different stores in just a few minutes.


Tungsten Wedding Bands – The Right Choice For You?


Whether you’re choosing your own ring or you are in charge of picking one out for a loved one, it stands to reason that it’s a decision you’re going to want to get right. There are plenty of wedding ring choices on the market which means that whatever you are looking for, there should be something to suit you and your needs. However with so much choice on the market, it can also be hard to know where to start!

Deciding on a Ring

Before you can shop for a ring you really want to decide on what you would like to it be made from. Although this isn’t essential it can make it much easier when it comes to searching retailers and seeing what they have for sale. When you know the ring material you want you can jump to the relevant section on the website and save yourself hours of time.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are a great choice simply because they come in so many types and styles. This means that whatever type of ring you already have in mind, there should be a tungsten ring to match this. What is even better about tungsten wedding bands is that they are built to last. Whatever wedding ring you decide to buy, you should look at it as an investment because the chances are that it is going to be worn for a good number of years to come.

Tungsten is a material that not only looks great, but is durable and long lasting. You might find that tungsten wedding bands have a slightly higher price tag attached to them than others on the market but because of how long they’ll last, you get much better value for money.


Jewelry for Mom


Jewelry For Mum; What To Buy

When it comes to moms most of us only ever have one in our lives and we want to show her how special she is to us. There are many occasions in your lifetime that you will want to get your mum a special gift. These are times such as birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day or even just because you want to show her how much you love her.

If you’re stuck for what to give then jewelry for mom is always a great choice. It’s something that she can keep and cherish forever and will last. Every time she wears it she will be reminded of you.

Here are some tips you should consider before buying some jewelry for mom.

A ring is always a good choice. They will suit any one and come in all sorts of different designs to suit your mom’s personality. You can always have them engraved if it is for a really special occasion. They can we worn at all times as well.


When choosing the type of jewelry try and think about what she already has, and create something unique. If she wears a lot of rings then maybe a necklace or bracelet would have more meaning as this will stand out more for her.

You don’t have to go to a store you can purchase all sorts of jewelry online meaning you will be able to search for the perfect piece from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t forget that the box it comes in can also be personalised to make the jewelry for mom extra special. Engraving can also add extra meaning to the jewelry especially for milestone birthdays.   Take your time looking and don’t rush into your choice think about what your mom would like and not yourself.