The Latest Trendy Style R-Watch M26 LED Bluetooth Watch


The R –Watch M26 is a fashionable Bluetooth wrist watch with dial and answer phone call options, short message reminder, anti – lost / theft, music player, pedometer and thermometer. The R – Watch is compatible with HTC, Samsung and more. The R –Watch M26 is currently retailing at $ 74.62 in most online shops. You can take advantage of a huge offer to save $ 18.30 and purchase the R – Watch M26 for $ 62.18 at here.

R – Watch M26 Features

  •     The R –Watch synchronizes contacts with your mobile phone. The watch displays the contact name list in your phone on the watch’s screen in real time up to a maximum of a thousand contact names. You can also make phone calls using the R – Watch.
  •     The R – Watch acts as a burglar alarm. In case your phone gets a distance away, the R – Watch will ring the alarm.
  •       The R – Watch synchronizes the time and date in your mobile phone. The watch displays on its screen the exact time and date as is in your mobile phone.
  •       The R – Watch features a stopwatch, alarm clock and supports ringtone customisation. When doing your usual exercises such as running, you can time yourself using the R – Watch stopwatch. The watch also allows you to set up to 5 different alarms, each with a unique alarm ringtone if you so please.
  •       You can make a phone call or answer one using the R – Watch. If a call is made to your phone, the R – Watch screen displays the caller IDincluding name and number, and you can elect to reject or answer the call using the watch.
  •       The R – Watch has both the earphone and hands – free calling modes. The hands – free mode for making and answering phone call or switching private call with hand set.
  •       The R – Watch features a superbly working power saving mode. When you switch to the power saving mode the watch reverts to minimal power consumption which translates to a longer use.

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The R – Watch is very trendy and has an attractive appearance and display. You can buy the R – Watch at who are currently offering a huge offer for the R – Watch where you can save more than $ 18. They offer free shipping and your package of one R – watch, one USB cable and a user guide ships in just three days.

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